Super Lucky’s Tale is a new foxy exclusive for Xbox One!

Super Lucky’s Tale

Xbox™One | Genre: Platform

After the worldwide immense success of Cuphead, another phantasmagorical exclusive for Xbox One is on the way the high-energetic, cheerful, and challenging Super Lucky’s Tale.

Soon after the end of the previous adventure, Lucky – the greatest foxy hero of all times – has returned because, in his world, disaster has struck once again! This time it’s in check of Jinx, a wannabe Napoleon egocentric cat, and his army of bunglers kittens – name code: Kitty Litter -, which are ready to create mess everywhere they go. Unluckily Jinx got his chubby pawns on the mystical and long-time-forgotten Book of Ages, thanks to this arcane item he can become so powerful to change the world with a single extension of his claw, and this would mark the end of all the cheers and the colors. Well, this is bad, but there’s a more important question to answer: why Jinx should do this?

In Super Lucky’s Tale, you’ll find the answer to it… but it ain’t that easy! Recalling the good, old 3D platformers for Nintendo 64 such as Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, you’ll enter into a vibrant, living world full of thrilling challenges, mind-blowing puzzles, wacky creatures, and all the sparkling items that could make a young fox so happy. With the precious aid of new and old friends, each one with his own special abilities, get ready to explore the luscious landscapes that interpose between you and the Book, solving mind-blowing puzzles, ever-changing enemies, and obstacles.

Warp to previously unexplored hidden levels jumping into the deep foxholes, magical passages through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the world, but pay attention some of them are filled with dangers such as sudden collapse, and inexplicable contact with exotic matter.

Sounds like a tough trek? Don’t give up, ‘cause hundreds of creatures counting on you! Super Lucky’s Tale is a tender tribute to the classic platformers, even if you’re a hardcore retro freak or a new challenger who is looking for a new cheerful game suitable for all ages, you must absolutely check this new exclusive for Xbox One.

Remember, you’re not a normal fox, you’re Lucky, the sly fox who can save an entire world from the ruin!

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