RiverCity: Rival Showdown Coming to Nintendo 3DS

RiverCity: Rival Showdown

RiverCity: Rival Showdown released in Japan to celebrate the Kunio-Kun series’ 30th anniversary, takes the original story ofRiver City Ransom and adds multiple story paths, multiple endings, and a dynamic fighting system that evolves the Kunio-Kun series in a new, exciting direction!


The game graphic based on 1980’s style, the story around Japanese high school of “violence” that prevailed in Japan.  Players controlling high school bad boy – Kunio (くにお).  Kunio studying final year in the high school with strong justice sense and talent with martial arts. As his strong mind of the leadership, he always fights with gangs for his friends. One night, his girlfriend troubled and kidnapped by other students, which leave Kunio no choice.  Kunio familiar with skillful karate, players able control Kunio use power punches, side kick, back hip throw, knee knock etc. Fight for justice.

The game key features:

  • Different story paths and multiple endings
  • A day and night cycle
  • Bonus Double Dragon fighting game included
  • Super special moves, such as “Turbo Stone Hands”
  • Two-player local co-op play
  • Multiple difficulty levels
RiverCity: Rival Showdown 3DS
US$29.99 Pre



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