LocoRoco 2 4K Remastered Coming December 2017 On PS4

In LocoRoco world, players control the action by tilting the environment. So you sort of steer the planet, not the characters! Your LocoRoco will grow as you collect berries and might get too big for some tasks. But don’t worry: you can split your heap of berry boys into single parts any time you want! LocoRoco 2 brings with new features likes, ability to swim underwater, squeeze through crevices, and gain many new abilities.  LocoRoco 2 update with tons of surprise for players.  Helping MuiMui to build their homeland and have the surprises!

Key feature via PlayStation:

  • New Generation of LocoRoco™2: Take advantage of LocoRoco 2 in native 4K on your PlayStation®4 Pro system and compatible 4K display.  Also, enjoy LocoRoco 2 in 1080p resolution on your PlayStation®4 system and HD display.
  • New Characters – The LocoRoco are not the only creatures on this strange and distant planet – there is a whole host of new characters to meet in LocoRoco 2.
  • Enhance LocoRoco characters by collecting music notes in a rhythm based mini-game along the journey.
  • Morph to the Environment – Stay round to roll, become slim to squeeze through narrow passages, and disassemble into smaller LocoRoco to collectively pass through small crevasses and paths. Eat to increase the size and quantity of LocoRoco and to gain access to secret areas and hidden rewards.
  • Simple Intuitive Gameplay – Press the L and R buttons to tilt the landscape or bump the LocoRoco into the air.
  • Music – Captivating, light-hearted original songs communicate the joyous world of LocoRoco.
US$19.99 pre


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