Worst nightmares from outer space!


PC | Genre: Sci-Fi Horror Adventure

— On Board Diary, 11/09/2188 10:25:13 —

Subject Line: Welcome Aboard


we are very happy to welcome you to the interstellar crew here at Shakhter-One. You are joining us at an exciting time of year, as we are moving into our busiest season.

We are hopeful that with your piloting skills and enthusiasm, this will be one of our best years ever!

As we discussed during your interview, we are projecting unprecedented growth this year, and are counting on you to help us get there.

When you arrive on Thursday, November 16, stop by my office and I’ll show you the spaceship and introduce you to your colleagues who were out of the planet when you were here for your second interview. We are all looking forward to working with you and are certain that you are going to be a great fit for this team.

Welcome aboard!

When I’ve received this e-mail from the HR Department of Shakhter-One I was so happy to get interviews, go to missions in outer-space, and meet new colleagues, all is wonderful here! You know, in these times is always a very good thing have a job especially if well paid like this one. So now I’m piloting this huge spaceship toward Jupiter to transport a new precious resource that could improve the life on the Earth immensely!

I see it, this planet is so big even from a long distance, ok let’s start with landing procedures, once finished this shift, I can get some few relaxing days…maybe…

One week later…

Who am I? What’s this place? Oh man, my head is hurting so much…I don’t remember anything…

There’s nobody here, and there is evidence that something went really bad, but what? Ok, maybe would be good to explore this place…AAAAAAHHHHH, ANYBODY HELP ME….PLEASE….

End of transmission

Jump into the sci-fi world of Hollow, a new blood-curdling adventure for PC. After waking from a sort of coma on the dock NR 6, you quickly realize that you’re the lone survivor of a horrific attack from a mysterious entity, the protagonist of a surreal nightmare in which you’re the only living being. Battling dementia, hunted by the something, and haunted by weird visions, you must do whatever it takes to survive and remember what happened during the landing procedure. Create your own arsenal using makeshift tools, you’ll need all of your determination to face your worst fears from the past.

Scavenge scraps on a ruined mining facility in orbit around Jupiter while you’ll brave the treacherous visions from your youthful in a hard quest for find an escape that may end the horror once and for all in this brand new story full of intense emotions, fear, and pain!

Be ready to feel the tension and fear that comes while you combating a faceless enemy that is violently probing and plotting its way to drive you into the real madness!

Hollow (Steam)


(Windows™, Region Free)

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