The ink is mightier than the sword!

Tokyo Tattoo Girls

PlayStation®Vita, PC | Genre: Tattooing JRPG

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伝統-tradition-, 技-technique-, and 粋-style-! These three characteristics are the basis of the Irezumi  (入墨), the traditional Japanese tattooing art. Since Jōmon period (about 10,000 BC) people have marked their bodies and faces with tattoos probably as permanent form of amulet for warriors and as a sort of rite of passage to the adulthood, but it’s only in the Edo period (1600–1868 AD) that the Irezumi has started to become the form of art which is still popular nowadays.

The most popular subjects of Irezumi are dragons (see the Kazuma Kiryu’s one), flowers, tigers, mythical characters and religious images, and one of the most popular “Irezumi Master” is Koji Tanaka, who has created the visually astonishing tattoos that you can unlock in Tokyo Tattoo Girls for PlayStation Vita and PC.

Set in a far-away dystopian Tokyo of the future, soon after a new Great Kantō earthquake that suddenly changed one of the most populated and modern cities of the world into an isolated savage wasteland where only the strongest can survive worthily. To control the damage, the city has been divided into 23 wards controlled by the “Union”, a surveillance institution formed by the 23 gangs called “Kumi”, which patrol the wards. But in the last times, a rumor started to spread among the people, the one who can defeat the Kumi’s bosses, can escape from there to start a normal (and maybe happy) life in another place…Using the hidden powers of tattoos, a tattoo artist is ready to challenge the establishment for the hope of a new life. A new battle has started, a battle that will shake Tokyo from its foundations!!!

Tokyo Tattoo Girls is an indie strategy-JRPG developed by Sushi Typhoon Games, this very original title features spectacular turn-based boss fights, intense tattooing, and a giant megalopolis where all your decisions will help you to escape into the world you want to be in. The poetic ukiyo-e art-style tattoos can be used to unlock new skills, and powers for you and your companions. Even if you choose the Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai or more generic Hanafuda-style flowers, your mission is to beat and conquer every ward of Tokyo.

Explores the Japanese tattoo’s meanings, and discover their unique powers in this lush, colorful, and deep indie strategy game full of beautiful girls and gorgeous art that will capture the hearts and minds of all the strategy games and JRPG fans out there!




















Don’t forget also that each ward-boss represents faithfully its dominant subculture (i.e. Loligoth for Setagaya or Kogal for Shibuya), check the chart here below to learn about them!

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