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Home Sweet Home

PCย | Genre: Horror Adventure


People say that obscure things happen in that old-style manor down the street, so tragic events that they leave a dark mark on your soulโ€ฆyes, something is lurking there…dare you to enter in that house?

From the outside, this building seems a traditional house designed to have the look and elegance of an older estate. The very spacious rooms, high ceilings, and hardwood floors make it one of the most charming homes in the neighborhood nestled in the trees and enveloped in the lush landscape. But if you enter, all change radically; voices and footsteps can be heard during the night, terrible nightmares occur, weird figures stare down at your bed with hidden faces…are they only hallucinations? Well, you must unravel the truth by your own, because this is your new Home Sweet Home!

Frightfully inspired by the Thai horror movies such as “Shutter” or “Ghost of Mae Nak”, Home Sweet Home is the new survival horror game for PC that will keep you awake for many nights! One night Tim suddenly finds himself trapped in a mysterious place, a place that seems to be cursed by a rancorous spirit, exploration is the only way to uncover the truth about the building and the ghostโ€™s identity. However, mysterious phenomena, mad creatures, and the black magic aura who surround the whole house will use any means to stop you forever.

You must be brave because this is surely the most extreme first-person haunted game for PC, the gameplay experience can be describedย as a real-life horror one, there are a lot of secrets inside this place, and you must to act fast and think faster to survive to all the traps that youโ€™ll encounter during your escape attempt. Solve the mind-bending puzzles while you follow a thrilling horror story that sends a shiver down your spine. In addition, if youโ€™re REALLY daring, put on your VR device to have a full sensory assault experience, in this way the house (and all the presences inside it) will become more realistic than ever. You will be touched, tormented, challenged, and scared out of your mind! Every room provides different challenges but remember, youโ€™re not alone and every action has a consequence…

With a blend of intense exploration, crazy haunting, and a twisted storyline, this thrilling first-person horror game will give a new meaning to โ€œhorrorโ€ and โ€œterrorโ€.

Live your own horror movie, Home Sweet Home will prove what you can and can’t do!

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