Enter the Ultra Wormhole for another Pok­émon Adventure!

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Alola Pokémon trainers! The day we return to the islands of Alola are finally here! I hope you’ve gotten you teams ready for the next installment of the Pok­émon series and FINAL main series Pok­émon for the Nintendo 3DS console! Much like previous follow up titles in the series, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be adding a bunch of new features, new pok­émon, new forms, new moves, and there will also be a lot of familiar faces returning!

Pokemon Ultra Sun (US) US$ 39.99
Pokemon Ultra Moon (US) US$ 39.99

The Story so far

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon see you return to the island region of Alola and it seems a few things have changed and some new areas have opened up. The story will shed some light on the mysteries of the Legendary Pok­émon Necrozma. The strange Pok­émon has attacked and absorbed the Legendary Pok­émon Solgaleo or  Lunala (depending on your version of course) giving it a new form in Dust Mane (absorbed Solgaleo) or Dawn Wing (absorbed Lunala). It’s rumored to have an even more powerful Ultra form akin to Mega Evolution.

New Pok­émon

More Ultra Beast have been pouring through the Ultra Wormholes as well. So far we’ve learned of three new ones but don’t be surprised if more are discovered! The clown-like UB Burst is a Fire/Ghost-type with an exclusive move called “Mind BLown” and will appear in Ultra Sun. UB Assembly looks like a towering fortress and is a defensive Rock/Steel-type that will appear in Ultra Moon. The third one is UB Adhesive, which is a Poison-type Pok­émon that is able to understand humans. You’ll first encounter it when you meet the Ultra Recon Squad.

Another new Pokemon spotted is the Dusk Form of Lycanroc. In Pok­émon Sun & Moon, the rock puppy Pok­émon  Rockruff would evolve into either Midday or Midnight form depending on the version you’re playing. It’s Dusk Form is a sort of in-between of the previous two forms and comes with the ability Tough Claws. This form is exclusive to Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon and as of the moment, the only way to obtain it is to purchase the games before January 10th, 2018. If you get the game before that date you’ll receive a special Rockruff that will evolve into its Dusk Form.

New Moves

The addition of the Z-Power Ring gives you the ability to unleash new powerful Z-Moves. Some Pok­émon will even get new exclusive Z-Moves, like Mimikyu’s “Let’s Snuggle Forever” which is an incredibly powerful Fairy-type attack. Necrozma’s Dusk Mane and Dawn Wing forms will also get Z-Moves with this new ring.  Also if you’re looking to teach your Pok­émon some new moves, Move Tutors have begun showing up in Alola. Through them you’ll be able to teach your Pok­émon moves they can’t normally learn via leveling up or TM using Battle Points which you can earn in various places throughout Alola.


Ultra Wormholes will play an even bigger part in these games. This time you’ll actually be able to travel through them while riding on either Solgaleo or Lunala. Once you reach the other side you’ll be in the world of the Ultra Beast but that’s not all you’ll encounter here. No in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon you’ll be able to encounter EVERY! SINGLE! LEGENDARY! POKÉMON! That’s right, from Mewtwo to Xerneas all Legendaries from the past six generations of Pok­émon games will be appearing. Some will be version exclusive and some will require other legendaries to even appear.

Team Rocket Returns!

But Legendary Pok­émon from past games aren’t the only things returning. Prepare for trouble, and this time its way more than double as Team Rocket has returned once more! Now calling themselves Team Rainbow Rocket, Giovanni has not only reformed his nefarious gang of Pok­émon thieves but has also enlisted the aid of the leaders of EVERY! OTHER! PAST! VILLIAN! TEAM! That’s right, alongside Giovanni’s Rainbow Rocket, we’ll see Team Magma Boss Maxie, Team Aqua Boss Archie,  Team Galactic Boss Cyrus, Team Plasma Boss Ghetsis, and Team Flare Boss Lysandre!

New Locations

Another new location discovered through the Ultra Wormhole is Ultra Megalopolis.  Other than a tower at its center emitting a strange light, not much is know about this strange place as of the moment but perhaps it has ties to Necrozma?

Ultra Megalopolis

Big Wave Beach is another new location that’s considered Alola’s surfers’ paradise. It’s here that you’ll be able to compete in Mantine Surf. This water sport sees you hanging ten atop a Mantine. Perform all sorts of tricks and rack up points you can exchange for special items!

The Valley of Pikachus has opened up as well! This place is filled with loads of Pikachus, of course. Here you’ll find a special tailor and a Trail Guide.

Valley of Pikachu

Following previous follow up titles a new location to battle has been added, in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, it’s The Battle Agency. This new Battle Facility allows you to rent rare and powerful Pok­émon, including several legendaries. Equip your shades and enter as an Agent of the Facility and battle against other Agents locally or online to become the Top Agent!

Other New Features

Previously in the Pok­émon Sun & Moon, you battled against Pok­émon  much large than normal know as Totem Pok­émon. Now you too will be able to battle with these giants by searching all over Alola for Totem stickers. Known Totem Pok­émon you can obtain are Lurantis in Ultra Sun and Salazzle in Ultra Moon. Explore every nook and cranny of Alola and collect all of them Totem Stickers!

You’ll also be able to form a closer bond with you Rotom Dex in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Interact with it regularly and grow your friendship giving you access to special rewards via the Roto Loto. Rewards can be include Prize Money, EXP points, higher Pok­émon catch rates, and more!

Roto Loto

Speaking of forming closer bonds, the Alola Photo Club will allow you take pictures with your Pok­émon and increase your friendship in the process! You’ll be able to control the angle, poses, background, and positioning of the subjects. You can even use this to get great shots of all the new hair and clothing options available.

More functionality has also been added to the games QR scanning feature. Certain Pok­émon will respond to certain QR codes to find and using this you’ll be able to learn more information about that Pok­émon.  Using the QR scanner you’ll also be able to find more rare Pok­émon. Scan QR codes you find to rack up points, once you’ve acquired 100 points or more you can perform an island scan for the island you’re currently on. Doing so will allow you to encounter rare Pok­émon you wouldn’t normally find, including starter Pok­émon from previous games and their evolutions!

Final Thoughts

So that should pretty much cover all the new features in Pok­émon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Gamefreak and Nintendo have mentioned this will be the FINAL main series Pok­émon game for the 3DS console family and looks like it’ll be going out with a big bang. The Nintendo Switch will probably be the main series new home when the inevitable Generation 8 series comes out. If you’re still not sure what version to pick up, assuming you’ve played Sun & Moon, it’s been recommended to get the Ultra equivalent of the previous game for the story and the Ultra opposite for more Pok­émon variety.

Pok­émon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon releases today, November 17th, 2017. So which version will YOU be getting trainer and what team will you take into battle?


(Big thanks to Gematsu!)

Pokemon Ultra Sun (US) US$ 39.99
Pokemon Ultra Moon (US) US$ 39.99
Pokemon Ultra Sun (EUR) US$ 44.99
Pokemon Ultra Moon (EUR) US$ 44.99
Pokemon Ultra Moon (Australia) US$ 39.99
Pokemon Ultra Sun (Australia) US$ 39.99
Pokemon Ultra Sun (JPN) US$ 45.99
Pokemon Ultra Moon (JPN) US$ 45.99
Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Double Pack (JPN) US$ 99.99

You can also get Pok­émon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon digitally from the Nintendo eShop.

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Nintendo eShop Card 50 USD | USA Account  DIGITAL  (US) US$ 50.99
Nintendo eShop Card 5000 YEN | Japan Account DIGITAL (JPN) US$ 53.99

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