Panzer Vor! Girls und Panzer First Promotion video

Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match

Finally, Bandai Namco confirmed the game release date will be on 27 February 2018.  Surely the game based on Girls und Panzer Anime.  Unlikely to World of Tanks, Girls und Panzer mixed with history tanks and anime.  It depicts a competition between girls’ high schools practicing Panzerfahren.  The game takes third-person tank shooter, which features a game mechanic where the player is able to switch between different tanks on the battlefield, in order to control multiple tanks on the same team.

Game feature

A post-mortem style original story mode – where the girls, including each school’s commanding officer, look back on and explain the battles that unfolded in theGirls und Panzermovie.

Online multiplayer – In the trailer, up to the maximum of 10 players able to 5 VS 5 on the map.  From your own squat, be the master of Panzerfahren.

Customization Tanks– build your own tank with personalization, tons of color and decals for your options.



>>>>> Girls & Panzer Dream Tank Match (English Sub.) <<<<< US$53.99 Pre-order NOW


Last but not least, Early Purchase Bonus included Oarai’s uniforms for 7 rival school commander.  Get ready to engage enemies with exhilarating Panzerfahren in Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match coming 27th February!  Panzer Vor!!!



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