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VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

PlayStation®Vita, PC | Genre: Cyberpunk Adventure

We’re living in the age of Cyberpunk! In the last 20 years many of the visions described by Pat Cadigan, Bruce Sterling, and William Gibson became real invading our everyday’s lives: mega-corporations reign supreme, our bodies, and minds are even more integrated with technology, and many cities are growing indiscriminately to reach the places we’ve seen in movies like Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell!

Under the flickering neon lights in the slums of Glitch City, a place where the 99% of the people live surrounded by decaying infrastructures and old techno junk, there’s a club called VA-11 HALL-A! Inside it, you can find all types of living beings: humans, robots, cyborgs, and even aliens! Everyone who gets through its doors can relax, chat, and not least drink the best cocktails of the whole city, and an ultra-fast Wireless LAN available for all guests.

You’re the bartender of this club where all life forms are welcome independently of age, sex, race or societal orientation, and you must work hard to serve the best drinks in town! Mix the ingredients as fast as you can because there are so many cocktails to prepare in so little time. Tempt the customers with tantalizing tipples, weird and wonderful cyber artifacts, and become the most celebrated concoctions’ alchemist to earn even more customers!

Featuring a vast array of different stories, events, dialogues, and endings you’ll realize that the life behind the counter could be hard, even if you got a chemical help. Listen what the people have to tell, be a kind listener and a wise advisor, you can make the difference in the people lives!

Get new info about the latest rumors in town to use them at your advantage, mix unconventional ingredients to create even new beverages to serve, at VA-11 HALL-A club the seats are plush, the lighting is low, and the cocktails are decadent. From you, old and new customers expecting exquisite cocktails, original small dishes, and Retro-Cyber delights!

With its superb pixel art-style, and its captivating retro-future soundtrack, VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action for PlayStation Vita and PC will make you feel like you’d be the main character of a novel written by William Gibson or Philip K. Dick!

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