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Created in 1994 by the brilliant minds of two Seoulites businessmen – Kim Jung-Ju and Jake Song – Nexon is one of the biggest developers and publishers of digital games for PC, iOS, and Android. With juicy titles such as Ghost in the Shell First Assault, LawBreakers AllStar, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, LEGO Quest & Collect Game, and many others, Nexon is one of the best companies if you’re looking for games to play everywhere (without sacrificing quality)!

Using the enlightened instant Karma Koin cards, to play with their cool titles and, more important, to create a better world. Indeed, the 1% of your purchases will be donated to charity (for example Cancer Research, AIDS, Nature and Wildlife, and Global Relief). Get them to have a wonderful gaming experience and at the same time help to avoid the causes of suffering not only for yourself but also for everyone else in the world!

In the future people, cyborgs and sentient computers will live together, human engineers create androids as toys and companions, but when some androids have started to kill their owners the ethic problem about the relationship between humans and computers comes to light.

In Ghost in the Shell First Assault, you’re the new member of the legendary Section 9 squad, an elite force composed by the best and most advanced cyber-soldiers which mission is to prevent the terroristic attacks made by techno terrorists around the world. This engaging FPS will remove the boundaries between art, gaming experience, and story providing you a philosophical ride through the darkest regions of human and artificial nature, combining full-throttle action, cutting-edge animation, and a brand new story!

Choose your avatar, engage enemies in both multiplayer combat or single-player missions, and use your enhanced skills for counter-terrorism and cyber warfare duties that will keep an even more connected world safer!

The largest LEGO action-RPG is finally available on all iOS and Android devices! In LEGO Quest & Collect Game, the evil Mad Creator has come to bring confusion and sadness through all the colorful brick worlds, but you can be the hero that this world deserves, AND the one it needs right now!

Exploit your own creativity to create and play your own hero, overcome sneaky obstacles, and use unique wacky gadgets to defeat the Mad Creator villains. The mission will be not so simple, but around the world, you’ll find useful items, great gadgets and above all new bricks to build the most advanced vehicles and weapons that can provide you a big hand to save the world.

Even if you’re a regular or a master builder, LEGO Quest & Collect Game is brainy packed with a large dose of charm and humor featuring an open world environment that is rich with content, and incredibly fun to explore as any of the (more than) 100 playable characters. If you enjoyed the previous LEGO games, you’ll have a very pleasant surprise with this game!

Probably this is one of the best LEGO game ever made, don’t let pre-conceptions about ‘childish games’ steer you away from this title!

This is definitely the sport of the future!

Wear the armored bodywear, helmet, gloves, and grab your weapon, the spectators are shouting your name, because you’re the CHAMPION of the Blitzball league! Go face-to-face with some of the most dangerous, and skilled athletes in the world, dodge neck-breaking tackles and bone-crushing shots, pass the ball to the teammate and launch the ball towards your opponent’s goal!

Keep in mind that crowd wants to show; dominate your opponents in fast-paced matches that will let you reach the top of the league, to be crowned as the best team of all the times and get your name eternally engraved in the hall of fame! So train hard, and be ready to travel all around the world to compete in different courts each one with its own size, force of gravity, and rules.

Combining the fast, tactical nature of a sports simulation, and the exciting limb-destroying of an FPS you must be really tough to win all the matches of LawBreakers AllStar!

Shoot your foe to let him cry for mercy!!!!

Confront yourself with the fiercest generals of Chinese history with Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, the legendary (in every way) series of historical musou games is now available for iOS and Android. As tradition wants you’ll play as one of the main characters of the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, and fight your very long way to reunite China under the flag of your dynasty!

This spin-off game brings all the huge fast-paced battle experience on the tiny screens of mobile devices, taking on all the features and the characters of this popular franchise towards new epicness with the addition of original game modes!

Return to the battlefieldsfight hordes of enemies and change the landscape in an active evolving battlefield!  Faster and hugely furious Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed will let you change into a real warrior that will fight for a larger than life purpose!

The destiny of a whole country is in the palm of your hand!

Become a proud member of the digital entertainment high society adding to your gaming portfolio the new Nexon instant digital cards. More games, more people, more fun!



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