In 2015, the first Digimon story series was released on PS Vita, as a Japanese classic turn-based RPG game.  This has the largest collection of Digimon and the game content focus on the adventure in the Digimon world called EDEN, training own Digimon and combat with the enemy. A huge worldview and game system earn a high reputation for the series in Asia.


Here is the plot:

Confusion reigns since the collapse of the wall between the real and the digital dimensions. Digimon are now in the real world and the Hudie hacking group seems to have been informed about this chaos. How did they know? Are they involved?

Yuuko Kamishiro, the daughter of Satoru Kamishiro, the former president of Kamishiro Enterprise of EDEN who apparently killed himself. She has some doubts about her guardian Rie Kishibe as she suspects her to have some links with her father’s death and the strange events happening in the world. She decided to join the Hudie group to investigate the runaway hackers. Kyoko Kuremi, another mysterious character, is a private detective specialized in cyber-related cases, she often arrives on site before the heroes when she investigates. That’s surprising…

To help find the truth about these odd events, “Hacker’s Memory” can be collected in the main scenario and sub-quests. These “Hacker’s Memory” are full of information and data. They will be extremely useful in figuring the real agendas of different characters whilst collecting rewards!



The upcoming game continues the story and bringing total 320 Digimon and 90 different maps. The game also included all mission and Digimon from the pass PS Vita game. Bandai Namco announced physical PS vita English subtitle will only available in Asia version. So, bye and I have to check out now!


Big thanks to Gematsu.



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