Naruto & Boruto strike again!

NARUTO X BORUTO Ninja Borutage

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Shinobi Action Strategy Battle

Eagerly awaited by thousands of hungry budding ninja and anime fans, NARUTO X BORUTO Ninja Borutage, the new mobile game dedicated to the two generations of heroes of the Uzumaki clan is now available for all iOS and Android devices.

New evil clans has born and they’re are looking to conquer the Konoha Village, these dark invaders are very skilled in the Ninjitsu (the secret art of stealth fighting)! As Hokage, you’re not only the village leader but also the strongest shinobi warrior that can protect it, using martial arts, throwing stars or even magic spells your mission is to save your hometown from the invasion of these vicious people. Master of spying and sabotage, infiltrate into the enemy territories to gather information and then set them ablaze! More you’ll fight and more you’ll be powerful to train new apprentices, develop new skills, and create unconventional traps that will lead your own army against enemy warlords who aim to conquer your home village!

Build the greatest walled fortress to repel enemies besieges, and once the inhabitants are safe you can attack their headquarters to weaken them, and – more important – acquire new resources that will be useful for the prosperity of the Konoha Village because you know…sometimes the best defense is a good offense! Thanks to its unparalleled depth and unique gameplay, this new Naruto’s game combines perfectly the classic head-to-head fighting with innovative city building’s mechanics. Even if you’re very powerful (the Nine-Tails Fox Spirit is strong with you after all) don’t forget to train harder to learn to better control your chakra, improve your techniques, master new ultimate jutsu, and command more powerful ninja army.

Playing with 4 other friends in online missions, and not only you can annihilate the mightiest threats once and for all to get even more precious resources, but also, you’ll learn the importance of friendship, loyalty, teamwork, and right versus wrong values.

NARUTO X BORUTO Ninja Borutage has loads of exciting action, wonderful items, great attacks and magic spells, you’ll surely blow out all the opponents out of the way of the Konoha Village. Times are tough, but remember, you are a ninja, and anything is possible!


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