Attack on Titan 2 New Action System And Characters

Attack on Titan 2

The game will play in tactical hunting action mode and players control the characters with Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, a backpack system with gas which pushes user’s bodies forward, which helps soldiers fly around the barriers.  Soldiers are only allowed to kill the Kyojin from the back of their necks, which is the most challenging part of this game.


New Characters

New playable characters have updated on Attack on Titan 2 official website.  Hange Zoe, Erwin Smith, Hannes, Ian Dietrich, Rico Brzenska & Mitabi Jarnach has been confirmed in the playable list.  More info please check in slide:

Zoe and Smith were playable in the previous game of the series, other 4 players are new entries.


New System

Buddy action – Team members possess a variety of buddy actions to support you in the field. When you see an icon over a team member’s head, press the button to trigger his/her buddy action. Once used, you must wait for the action to cool down before it becomes available again. As the image reveal those abilities included, healing, relocation, critical hit and even transform to titan (should be particular to Eren).

Hook Drive – Air jumping right before a Titan attack makes contact will result in an evasion.
You can land a powerful finishing blow when you use your omnidirectional mobility gear to attack while successfully evading a Titan’s attack.


Sneak Attacks – Hold target button to enter a telescopic view, will be able to take aim. Once your target is lined up, hit attack button to charge towards your prey at breakneck speed. Once in proximity, press attack button at just the right moment to unload an immensely damaging blow.

Attack on Titan 2 is coming on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam globally in March 2018. Pre-order available on Play-Asia.











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