Bandai Secret Project Web Page Revealed

Bandai Secret Project has been published via a mysterious website page last week. As you can see it only display a microwave with the dark background. When you click on the microwave oven, an egg will fall out and show a countdown timer.  We found a few clues from another site, which indicates Bandai is “hatching” a brand new project.

As the right corner, it’s showing the game website in home console categories. No doubt it must be a new project for the console game.


The domain address:,  as we know only Monster Hunter series start from MH. However, we cannot explain the rest of letter.  Well, we might target with MHA…

Another clue we found in the page source code with Hiroaca, you probably know this name from manga and anime.


MHA could stand for My Hero Academia, OJ maybe the letter for the game. By the way those only our prediction, we will keep update on the Bandai Secret Project.


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