World of Final Fantasy collide with Steam!

World of Final Fantasy

PC Ι Genre: JRPG

After switching over to the Famicom, there was a time when I wasn’t happy with anything I was creating. I thought of retiring from the game industry and I created Final Fantasy as my final project. That’s why the title includes the word ‘final’ but for me, the title ‘Final Fantasy’ reflects my emotional state at the time and the feeling that time had stopped. They say that technologically, it’s good to keep going, and each time, we give it our all and expend our skills and energy until we can go no further; this is what I consider to be the ‘final fantasy’.

The words above come from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy series and one of the most influential developers of all time. Born the “swan song” of Squaresoft in 1987, the first chapter of this popular long-life saga appeared on December 18 of that year for Famicom, the story was quite classical (a party of four youths known as the Light Warriors must defeat the evil forces of a dark lord – the archdemon Chaos – to restore light, and save the world), but its innovative gameplay mechanics and the huge world made it a true legend among the gamers, selling several million of copies, through the years the series generated a lot of sequels, spinoffs, anime series, movies, and music albums putting the once niche JRPG one of the most played one in the 80s and 90s.

This year, 30 years later from the first installment’s release, Square-Enix has published a new magical adventure lovely filled with charming characters, exciting battles, and an enchanting world to explore: World of Final Fantasy! Originally released last year for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, finally, this fantastic JRPG is also available for PC. In this great homage to the series, you’ll follow the tale of Lann and Reynn, two twin siblings who have lost their memories, so to regain them they must travel through the world of Grymoire on a quest that will let them encounter MANY familiar faces (Cloud, Squall, Terra, and more) to anyone who’s played a past Final Fantasy game, thanks to their help, maybe, you’ll be able to complete the mission in less time.

Combining classic RPG mechanics with some of the cutest chibi art-style we’ve seen in a long time, World of Final Fantasy will also allow you to battle, collect, raise, and take as allies the iconic monsters from the vast Final Fantasy series bestiaries. Yes, the world of Grymoire is full of wondrous creatures that can be captured, trained, customized, and even evolved into more powerful life forms that will give you a big pawn during the turn-based battles, and make your movements across the lands fastest and safer.

With its challenging sub-quests, enchanting brand new storyline, and astounding music, World Of Final Fantasy marks the 30th Anniversary of the series in the most lovely way possible! Expect more than 100 hours of playing time in this quest on land, on the sea and in the air, while you’ll explore new towns, caves and mountains in the attempt to recover Lann and Reynn lost memories. Full of nostalgic Easter eggs both the longtime fans and the new-adventurers will love the references to the past chapters.

This game is an emotional love letter that will capture your heart even when you’ll finish it!


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