Get to Elysium with Xenoblade 2 for Switch!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: JRPG

Galactically considered to be one of the best Japanese RPGs of all time on all the planetary systems, the Xenoblade series has received exceedingly good reviews, since its first appearance on Nintendo Wii seven years ago…

This month, gamers across the Earth can finally have an opportunity to play the new chapter of this legendary series on the Nintendo Switch with Xenoblade 2. Featuring a brand new story, new characters, and obviously new enemies to defeat, you’ll play as Rex – a young boy strictly connected with the artificial race called Blade – and Pyra – a Blade who grants to Rex an incredible fire-elemental power –. Together, you’ll begin a long, perilous quest in search of the Elysium, the last humans’ paradise, while you’ll encounter hundreds of different characters who’re living on the backs of the mighty Titans.

Set in a vast real open world, you’ll traverse giant plains, winding caverns, frozen kingdoms, scorched earth, sandy beaches and many other breath-taking places in search of other blades and allies that can increase your power which can be exploited in the fast-paced & addictive real-time battles. As in the previous chapters, the exploration is highly encouraged, and its day-and-night cycles that affect in-game factors like events, item appearance, and side-quests. In addition, you can change outfits, armors, and weapons using the extensive chara-customization feature!

Its unique battle system, created by a combination of fast-paced real-time attacks and strategic “Arts” skills will ensure a unique gameplay system which is perfect both for the people who’re looking for fast-paced intense action and for the ones who need deep strategy mechanics. The “Arts” are divided into two categories: Driver Arts and Blade Arts, use them in battles to fill the “Special” gauge, thanks to it you’ll be able to unleash powerful attacks called “Fusion Combos” which intensity vary from 1 to 4 level of intensity. Also, exploiting the new “Blade Resonance” technology, you can awake even new Blades and level-up the equipped ones tremendously to unlock an enormous number of combinations that will fit perfectly to your playstyle.

Combining science fiction and fantasy into an unforgettable open-world adventure, Xenoblade 2 for Switch offers an extraordinary experience both for veteran gamers and genre newcomers alike, live an ethereal and dreamy experience while you’ll discover the reason why this series is so wonderful.

This is a game that all fans of a premier JRPGs can look forward to playing. So, turn on your Switch and press A to play!


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