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Supermassive’s Psychological Horror Game The Inpatient Delayed Until January 2018

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™ – US, EU, ASIA – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Not so fast dear players! You thought the Until Dawn‘s prequel, The Inpatient, will release in November 2017 but this psychological horror video game moves its release date on January 23, 2018 for the US and January 24, 2018 for Europe and Asia Pacific.


The Inpatient (PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™, US)US$ 39.99 pre
The Inpatient (PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™, EUR)US$ 39.99 pre
The Inpatient (Chinese Subs) (PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™, ASIA)US$ 39.99 pre



According to Supermassive Game Developer, they release the game in the early quarter of next year. So you, game geeks, must wait for 2018 to engage in this game. This delay ensures the developers that this game can give enjoyment and horrors as much as possible to the players.


In a Tweet of PlayStation Europe, they mentioned that The Inpatient, together with Bravo Team, will be released next year, January 24th and March 7th respectively. According to the company, the move in release date is “give the development teams extra time to make the games as enjoyable for players as possible.”



Giving a brief background, The Inpatient is a psychological horror game that takes you back to the Until Dawn world sets in Blackwood Sanatorium. With the gender of your choice, the protagonist is suffering from amnesia and intent to reclaim to his/her memory. Reclaiming the memories of the protagonist is the start of the disturbing journey as it unfolds the truth to the reason why the protagonist is in Blackwood Sanatorium.


By infiltrating the protagonist’s subconscious mind, the player engages more to the storyline of the game with the mix of the psychological horror theme.




  • Branching narrative – Choices and consequences are integral to the gameplay. Your life (and the lives of those around you), are dramatically affected by the decisions you make
  • Uncover your memories – The story isn’t just about scares; you’ll discover a rich backstory and uncover a conspiracy. Vivid flashback memories that you discover throughout the game are key to understanding why you are in the Sanatorium
  • Deep immersion – This game puts YOU in the shoes of the main character. Thanks to the inclusion of voice control, gender choice, and a fully realized body model – when you look down you see your legs, arms, and hands – it feels like YOU are in the Sanatorium


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