Save the Queen in SpellForce 3!

SpellForce 3

PC Ι Genre: Real-Time Strategy RPG

Without any doubts, fantasy is the oldest and the most cross-cultural of all literary forms! Since early days, people have always conjured up creatures never seen in nature, flying horses, fairies, fire-breathing dragons and enormous killer giants, and many other. In ancient tales, the “Fantasy” elements were a must have, indeed if we dig in the history of literature we’ll find a plethora of adventures set in an imaginary world where a hero (or a party of heroes) embarks on a quest to save a princess or a kingdom. In these books, usually the antagonist aims to overthrow the current order of things as they are, but the main character aided by their fighting skills, and a well-developed magic system can always save the situation. Across the centuries this kind of tales has been ported also in movies, and obviously games, but all of them put a big emphasis on unique worlds built with different lands, peoples, and cultures.

SpellForce 3 for PC will bring you in the world of Eo, the war has devastated the kingdom of Nortander, due to this fact the public order has broken down everywhere, and now the law of the strongest is the only rule…in addition, due to a heavy attack, the Queen lying in a coma, so Lord Marshal the supreme commander of the royal forces is now in charge ruling the land harshly to restore the order also prohibiting the use of the magic, unless under rare circumstances. As a loyal member of the royal army, you’ll make all that’s possible to lead Nortander and the whole world of Eo to a new golden age.

The time has come, pick up your controller and embark on a heroic adventure across the breathtaking land of Nortander with this new strategy RPG game. Choose your favorite race between humans, elves, and orcs, customize your character with many elements to create your own savior, and then form the dream army to fight thousands of enemy soldiers. Train your tactical thinking and bring out the strategist in you, thanks to its non-linear epic story full of twists, find the best way to rise above your peers, all you have to do is to train hard and take your troops to victory.

Wander across a huge world and explore every single corner of it to unveil intrigues, secrets, and rare items while you strive the encroaching army led by the ruthless Lord Marshal through 30+ hours cinematically-tied adventure. With a robust multiplayer mode, you can team up with other players and go head-to-head with other gamers worldwide ensuring hours of unique replayability.

Both in literature and  – above all – in video games, the Fantasy genre is diversifying at an amazing rate, but only playing with SpellForce 3 you’ll immerse yourself in a new kind of magical, heroic adventure where the extraordinary is the ordinary!


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