Gal*Gun Is Back With Even More Schoolgirl Uniform Sucking Action!


Gal*Gun 2

The long await sequel to the (in)famous shooter Gal*Gun has finally been announced! This time around it looks like it’s packed with even more ridiculous action than the first.

Gal*Gun 2 (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 59.99
Gal*Gun 2 (Nintendo™ Switch, US)US$ 59.99

What’s Gal*Gun you ask?

Well, where to start? Basically, a young man magically becomes the object of every girl’s affections and now has to fend them off with a magic gun. This gun shots a special type of magic ammo called a “Phermone Shot” which gives its target (young school girls) euphoria!

You are the typical, plainest white bread, male anime protagonist. An (extremely) ordinary boy in high school (who probably sits at the second last desk near the window), is very “unlucky”,  AND of course, has a childhood female friend who has a sibling-like relationship with you. The unfortunate event that sets off your weird adventure is waking up to find an app on your phone you don’t remember installing. Instead of doing the smart thing and deleting, your tap it out of curiosity causing a cardboard box to magically appear with a pair of goggles and a gadget inside.  When you decide to put on these goggles, an angel appears before you and informs you you’ve been recruited for demon extermination!

Character you’ll meet!

  • Risu Tenshi – The angel who has chosen you to assist her with demon extermination. While she was recently hired by Heaven’s Angel Ring Company,  she very close to losing her job due to failing at every task. She’s serious, kind, and gets along well with many but prone to clumsiness. Likes to think she’s the cool, big-sister type, however she anything but. She’s voiced by Chisa Kimura.
  • Chiru Kondou – Your neighbor who lives in a former candy shop and your junior from school who’s recently decided to become a shut-in. She loves snacking on candy, playing old games, and is pretty good with mechanical things. She’s extremely bad at interacting with others, which might be the reason for becoming a shut-in. Yet with you, she’s fine, she can even be cheeky at times. She’s voiced by Risae Matsuda.
  • Nanako Tamamae – Your childhood friend with an easy going attitude, and had the fortune to sit next to each other in class for the past few years. Due to circumstances, you’re currently living with her and her mother, which is perfectly fine since you have a family-like bond. You’re more like brother and sister really. She’s voiced by Yuna Taniguchi.
  • Kurona Akuma – A third-year student and resident troublemaker at Demon Academy middle school, who’s intent on leaving her mark on the school by pulling pranks. A magical prodigy who isn’t bound by standard demon’s common knowledge. Likes to end her sentence with the word “Death”. She’s voiced by Aya Fujita.

The Kamizono sisters from Gal*Gun Double Peace will be returning for this game. Shinobu and her younger sister Maya are both demon hunters. It’s unknown what role they’ll play in Gal*Gun 2. They are voiced by Emi Uema and Chinami Hashimoto respectively.  There will also be the regular students who’ll be clamoring for your affections, so you’ll expect to be meeting over 70 girls over the course of this adventure, all of them voiced by various talents.

What’s your objective and how do you complete it?

So as mentioned earlier, you’ve been chosen to exterminate demons. However,  you’ve accidentally become supernaturally popular with girls at the same time. Now you’re being swarmed by every girl looking for love and looks like they’ll do whatever it takes to show it. They’ll come at you from every angle, a full 360 attack even! If you’re not careful you’ll end up surrounded, and knocked down. To combat them you’re going to need your pheromone shot and give them euphoria!

Returning from Gal*Gun VR is the “Demon Sweeper“. This demon (mini-Kurona)-vacuuming device is what you’ll be using to remove all them pesky demons from the girls who are throwing themselves at you. To exorcise these little demons you’ll need to land a well-placed hit with the pheromone shot, then switch over to the Demon Sweeper to suck them right up. Rack up enough demon repeal points and you’ll unlock new requests to progress the story. Please note that any skirts that are blown up during the usage of the Demon Sweeper are purely coincidental.

As you exterminate more demons you’ll be able to upgrade the Demon Sweeper, doing so will allow you to suck up demons even faster. On top of that, if you hold down the vacuum button for a certain amount of time it will go into “Hyper Vaccum Mode”. With that boosted suction power, you’ll be bagging those demons in no time. There is a slight side effect of the Hyper mode in that it does tend to suck up the target girl’s clothes, however, it has the beneficial side effect of making them go into a completely euphoric state!

There will also be new battle features in Gal*Gun 2 but information on that will come in a future report. For the moment we do know there will be shooting parts called “Doki Doki Mode” which involves a lot of rubbing, caressing, and poking!!


That’s it for the most part! Gal*Gun 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch on March 15th, 2018 in Japan, followed by a western release in Spring 2018. You can click the below links to pre-order this title for either console, followed by the Japanese Trailer as well as gameplay featured on Gal Gun TV.


(Big thanks to Gematsu!)

PlayStation 4

Gal*Gun 2 (US)US$ 59.99
Gal*Gun 2 (EUR)US$ 59.99
Gal*Gun 2 (JPN)US$ 62.99
Gal*Gun 2 [Limited Edition] (JPN)US$ 95.99

Nintendo Switch

Gal*Gun 2 (US)US$ 59.99
Gal*Gun 2 (EUR)US$ 59.99
Gal*Gun 2 (JPN)US$ 62.99
Gal*Gun 2 [Limited Edition] (JPN)US$ 95.99

Japanese Trailer

Gameplay video

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