Recover the time with 23/7 Twenty Three Seven!

23/7 Twenty Three Seven

iOS, Android Ι Genre: JRPG

Time surrounds everything. Since the origin of humankind, this alluring concept defines our lives; it’s familiar and also deeply mysterious, even if we cannot see, hear or touch it, we can at least feel it. Through the ages, many scholars, philosophers, and common people tried to understand its origin and its evolution, in the ancient Hindu cosmology the time is directly connected with the universe through repeated cycles of creation, destruction, and rebirth, with each cycle lasting 4,320,000 years, while for Aristotle, the time as the number of changes between a “before” and an “after”. Discover of time perception led us to create calendars and clocks to recall the past and imagine the future.

If we talk about video games you probably already know that in timeless milestones like Chrono Trigger and Life is Strange, the players can experience the inherent power of the time to change the course of history and bring a brighter future for the protagonists of these stories.

But what happens if a certain day the time would lose an entire hour? The answer can be found in the upcoming JRPG for iOS and Android, 23/7 Twenty Three Seven. The number “9” has disappeared from every clock of the world, now the days are made by 23 hours, but seems no one has noticed this fact…One day a high-school student called Hikari discover the existence of mysterious beings called “Clockers” which are the guardians of time who live in a parallel dimension, caught by them, Hikari will soon understand what happened to the “9 o’clock”, and with the aid of the Clockers he’ll begin his mission to restore the missing hour and protect the world.

With a mixture of traditional JRPG gameplay elements and strategic fast-paced combat, this upcoming game will deliver one of the grandest RPG experience on mobile, featuring a multitude of innovative and exciting gameplay mechanics 23/7 Twenty Three Seven will appeal for sure all the lovers of great stories and RPG genre both old and new.


So, act fast because time is running out!


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