Your mobile will go Gold with Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy!

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Action RPG

The stars are sparkling, a new generation of sacred warriors are born, it’s time to grab your mobile device and see who is the most powerful of all with Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy for iOS and Android. From young unexperienced warriors to powerful Golden Saints, you’ll experience their growth process fighting even more powerful foes across the galaxy…release the power of the cosmos and launch an [almost] endless string of meteor punches.

This new game faithfully recreates the look and feel of the globally popular series Saint Seiya created by Masami Kurumada. Featuring over 100 playable characters from the 3 main story arcs: Sanctuary, Poseidon, and Hades all the fans will definitely find a game that does the source material justice. The fast-paced battle system will give you the galactic opportunity to chain up different attacks in order to unleash – activating the Cosmo inner power – the most destructive combos performed with enhanced speed and strength, to provide you the most exciting gameplay ever saw in a Saint Seiya game. With a robust set of features, Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy shows a visual style that recreates the anime, original voice acting from the original series actors, gorgeous anime scenes interlaced between battles and story, and the legendary opening theme song “Pegasus Fantasy”, this is without any doubts the greatest entry into anime-based fighters.

The keys of the victory are in your hands, with a vast array of different modes, you can train your Saints to let make him the best Arena champion, fight along the 15 consecutive battles to clear the Cosmo Challenge, recruit up to 15 warriors to assemble your squad for the Grand Colosseo Tournament or aim to be favored by the Gods winning the blessed Holy War! The choice is yours, but don’t forget that all of them will keep the action nonstop to make happy even the die-hardest fans of the series!

The Goddess Athena needs a big help from you to protect the universe from the machinations of ancient Olympian Gods. Become one of the Saints, carry the power of the sacred Cloths, and wage the ultimate war for the sake of humanity exploiting the power of the Cosmos!


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