Tower 57: Dieselpunk awesomeness on Steam!

Tower 57

PC Ι Genre: Full Metal Shooter

Imagine a world stopped in the ‘40s, a world where even if technology made huge improvements the threat of an evil political system is always present in the minds of the people. In this world, the good old Lanchester Submachine Gun can also shoot accurate laser beams, leather-made pilot goggles can show AR, cyber body improvements can give you the access to the most exclusive speakeasy, and where music is a great mix of jazz and electro tunes, this world where the past and the future are fused together has a name: Dieselpunk! While the more popular “Cyberpunk” aesthetic is focused on a dark future coldly filled with cybertechnology (see Deus Ex or Blade Runner), the “Dieselpunk” one recall the recent past history with its art-deco style posters, war vehicles & weapons, and military uniforms.

Well, in this dystopian world fueled by diesel, there are some sky-reaching buildings called Megatowers in which the last remnants of the old civilization lives, the most protected one is surely the Tower 57, many rumors surround it, so after months of meticulous planning meetings, a bunch of seven anti-heroes – each one provided with a vast array of unique skills, weapons, gadgets, and above all REASONS – decided that the time to discover what this Megatower hides, has come!

Ladies & Gentlemen, turn on your Personal Computer, load your weapon and dare to enter the Tower 57! With its large floors connected by elevators, this incredible maze will reserve you a multitude of destructible secret walls and not mapped corridors that will give you an exclusive access to the most secret parts of the building. Obviously the tower’s secrets are very well defended by mutant cyborgs, missile launcher wielding mechanoids and titanic angry assault tanks, so your mission is simple to let blow-up all of them and you’ll not only discover new skills, weapons, and many other bonuses, but also you’ll win the ultimate prize of your eminent career… your life!

Featuring a marvelous old-fashioned 16-Bit art style, take the control of your fighter of fortune and unleash an unstoppable tide of brutality on all who stand between you and your objective, tear your way through entire cyber armies, while you’ll explore every corner of the tower ancient lands in search of the secrets. Without pity, without mercy, great timing and precision are required to spill the oil from the robotic guards. More you’ll destroy and more your frenzy will be fueled to unlock brutal new attacks and takedowns that will have you chasing the highest floor.

Prepare for all the chaos, mayhem, and madness inside the Tower 57, the epic dieselpunk-indie showdown for PC!!!


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