Santa goes indie on Nintendo Switch!

It’s the Season once again, and Santa Claus is ready to celebrate and spread the joy even this year. But, for him this is also the busiest period of the year, so an elf told us that Santa loves to play with games…what’s better between one letter and another to sit by the fireplace and play with some new indie titles on Switch drinking a hot & delicious mug cup of chocolate?

From the land of Santa Claus, the icy and beautiful Finland comes Nine Parchments, a magical spell ‘em up game for Nintendo Switch.

Forget about saving the world, you have more important things to do! As apprentice wizard, you must bring your tools, your books and everything else in search of the mystical nine parchments, acquire all of them you’ll become the most powerful spellcaster in your world. Choose your digital homunculus between a unique cast of seven characters, grab your wand, and let the magic begins!

Walk along dark forests and high-cliffs over the sea to proof your ability for “Expelliarmus” the enemies from their weapons, because as every story wants, powerful items are strictly guarded by armies of mischevious monsters. During this unexpected adventure, you’ll improve step by step even more powerful spells to become an accomplished witch or wizard. Read, discover, learn and practice while you take a break from saving the world. Alone or with your friends, with Nine Parchments you could be eternally remembered as He Who Must Be Named!

Enjoy one of the most magical adventures of the Season for Switch!

Back in the very distant past with Caveman Warriors, the latest prehistoric pandemonium on Switch!

Put on your mammoth vest, take off your shoes, wield your hand-made weapons and become the first savior of the Earth helping Jack, Brienne, Moe and Liliana to protect the planet from an invasion of wannabe destroyer aliens! This nasty race has kidnapped all the babies of homo-bellator species, our direct ancestor, and without them, even our existence is in peril.

Run ‘n jump across a vast array of 2D colorful stages to rescue all of them in a pre-hysterical platformer adventure that will bring out the best from you and your friends (up to 4) to accomplish a mission that requires a lot of abilities. Recalling the fabulous good, old arcade gameplay of the 80s, Caveman Warriors will teleport through the ages you into a world full of natural and artificial menaces in which you need to jump, climb and smash your way to save the children, and reclaim your planet!

Caveman Warriors can be also played on PlayStation 4 with the limited physical edition which contains the game (obviously), the 72 pages artbook, the original soundtrack, the numbered certificate, and the exclusive & special stickers!

Alright, slash the chatter warriors, this game ROCKS!

Like the legendary Gotham City, Freeburg is an unrivaled breeding ground of depravity and villainy, a city where the monsters are real. At the center of this hellhole lives the Police Chief Jack Boyd, a lone man who spent his life fighting against unbelievable odds to protect the city from the growing wave of violence.

This old-school cop’s duty is to smash an intricate web of corruption, crime, and political intrigue. Managing a big squad of faithful and motivated agents, you’ll help him to dismantle the ruthless mafia reign, sweeping the criminal scum from the streets, sewers, and dockyards of Freeburg.

This is the Police for Switch is an adult, police drama on the razor’s edge in which you’ll face the tension of split-second decisions and then make the move. Cracking each the case to face the kingpins who rule behind the city’s curtains even if this would mean to unveil the dirty Mayor’s relationship with the criminal underworld, help him to catch a criminal who is running away, check the notes, interact with citizens, report something suspicious, and so on, all of this will allows you to solve the murder cases step by step. Lookout for an array of illegal activities, this is an all-out war of good versus bad!

Go ahead, make your day!

These are Santa’s favorite titles of the week, but you can use the Instant Nintendo eShop Digital Cards to play with many other titles to suit your Christmas stockings. From action games to RPGs, with them you’ll create a bag full of good memories for your relatives and friends.


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