The VR Saloon: Threat, Villains and Heroes!

Welcome back to the VR Saloon! In this virtual space, you’ll regularly find new games that will immerse yourself into the worlds of your favorite heroes! Take a seat, wear your VR headset, and be ready for the most immersive, visually astonishing, ooh and aah gameplay experience!

This is not a dream, this is the VR Saloon!

Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg! United in action, firm in purpose, they’re the most powerful heroes of all time. Joining their forces in the Justice League, they’re always ready to stamp out the evil wherever and whenever! From today you can live a (virtually) real all-star adventure with Justice League VR!

Be ready to act as a hero doing your part in an epic quest that will determine the fate of Earth, playing as some of the most iconic DC Comics characters, you’ll embark on a dangerous journey across the well-known comic book places such as Gotham City, Metropolis, Atlantis, Themyscira, Central City, and Detroit to stop the threatening race of the Apokoliptians, and their supreme ruler Darkseid!

Completing all the six incredible missions, in which you can cruise throughout Gotham City on the supercharged Batmobile, run as fastest as you can to prevent the explosion of bomb with the scarlet speedster Flash, fight the Parademons using the deadly Amazons’ fightstyle of Wonder Woman, set free the underwater world of Atlantis helping the Sea King’s Aquaman, fly all over the planet to see if the mankind needs your aid with Superman, and exploit the most advanced body-integrated weapons of Cyborg to destroy all the enemy’s flying drones, to protect the Earth from a global catastrophe!

Join the League, and fight using superpowers, skills, and special weapons! After all, you can’t save the world alone…

Do you know what makes a Grand Cruise really grand? Well, the answer is simple: the crew, the ship, and the biggest treasure you can get in your life!

With the upcoming One Piece: Grand Cruise for PS VR, you’ll hoist the anchor and set sail for a brand new One Piece adventure with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates in their search for the ultimate treasure! Announced as the most immersive interactive experience ever, in this game you’ll be the newest member of the crew, you’ll sail in 360° landscape with the unique opportunity to interact with the other pirates and explore every single corner of the Thousand Sunny!

By the way, if we talk about this legendary series, we can’t exempt to highlight that the life on board it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, indeed during the cruise you’ll be chased by the Marines and the rival crews, and this means one only thing: EXCITING BATTLES!

One Piece: Grand Cruise will start on next year, but you should prepare early for this wonderful super pirate action game that will let you feel the refreshing sea breeze for real!

Get back in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 with the revamped VR version of the nuclear RPG, the experience inside the wasteland hasn’t ever been so real than now!

Featuring a brand new combat, crafting, and building mechanics specifically recreated from the roots to give you the best VR thrilling experience! Enjoy all the freedom of exploration and the strain of build homes, forts and even full-scale towns with defenses and protection.

Chased by hundreds of mutated creatures such as the deathclaws, and the bloodbugs, you’ll experience the real meaning of the word fear when you’ll have a very close encounter with them.

Raise the left arm to let the famous Pip-Boy, the premier tool of the wasteland, makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L. giving you all the vital info you need to survive such as Geiger counters, Health status, the radio, map, journal, and a full inventory list for weapons, armor, and any other supplies.

So, prepare to get out from the Vault to explore the treacherous wastes of a United States struck by nuclear war. Confront terrifying creatures, make your decisions that will influence the storyline, and arm yourself with the latest high-tech weaponry in a thrilling journey across the wastelands, all presented in the magnificent resolution of the VR-Scope!

After the tremendous success on iOS and Android devices, the worldwide beloved Fate/Grand Order series comes on PS VR to provide you a new enchanting experience!

In Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mashu Kyrielight you’re the senpai of this shielder servant and you’ll be her tutor guiding her through the problems she’s having trouble with, talk with her as much as you can because all the time unspent and the words unsaid will deepen the gap between you two.

The delicate art style springs out the heroic, but gentle atmosphere of this unique game, and if you pay attention you can understand the feelings of Mashu from her body language. Travelling extensively with her to acquire even more precious and rare relics that will help you to become a better master, and Mashu to gain self-confidence in her abilities.

Work hard every day to take good care of the Servant, you know, life is filled with tough decisions, especially when you must train an inexperienced young girl in the best way possible!

What do you think of the new menu of the VR Saloon? Relax, press start, and enjoy one [or more] of these games that can be yours in a blink of the eye thanks to the wide selection of instant digital cards!


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