Treasures and darkness: Dragon Fang Z for Nintendo Switch!

Dragon Fang Z

Nintendo Switch Ι  Genre: Roguelike RPG

Rose is a cheerful half human and half dragon girl who always seeks for new adventures! One day, in the company of her fairy foster mother, she crosses the gates of the magical world known as “Tree of Time”, many legends tell that in the depths of this land there’s an unbelievable treasure that could change her life forever! It’s time to wear the armor, clean the sword and put it back in the sheath because a new adventure is about to start, a roguelike adventure in the fantasy land of Dragon Fang Z for Switch!

Prepare yourself to explore hundreds of randomly generated dungeons in search of the BIG ONE, the biggest and most precious treasure ever seen in thousands of years, but be aware that this is carefully guarded by armies of monsters that don’t want to witness its disappearance, to fulfill her desire for a better life Rose is mentally and physically ready to fight tough-as-nails battles, take part to thrilling explorations, finding tons of items, growing in strength, and most important of all: staying alive! Luckily she’s not alone, her powerful fairy foster mother is always ready to help her beloved daughter turning on the light in the darkest moments and dungeons!

With beautifully colorful 2D art, numerous lengthy dungeons, thrilling boss battles, and classic roguelike gameplay, Dragon Fang Z delivers the ultimate hardcore RPG experience to Switch!
Featuring a turn-based battle system, you can take your time to think the best strategy to adopt on the battlefield, but the coolest peculiarity of this Nindies game is surely the “Fang System”, each creature you defeat will drop a fang, but what’s its usefulness? Simple, if you equip it you’ll acquire the powers & skills of the original owner, this is good to perform even more powerful ultra-attacks that can obliterate hundreds of nasty creatures at once. Remember that more than 200 species of monsters live in the dungeons, discover all of them to unlock the best abilities in the “Tree of Time” world!

Both warmly familiar and excitingly fresh, Dragon Fang Z bring a brand new, exciting, and unconventional RPG experience to all the owners of a Nintendo Switch!


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