Important Update: Shipping changes for Toy-Related Orders

Toy shipping options update

Important updates and improvements to our toys shipping process

As we come to the end of a busy year we are excited to announce our new enhancements to our toy shipping process.

We have rolled out several changes to our shipping process that will ensure a higher level of service quality for our customers and provide better protection for toys that we ship out.

• As a majority of toys come in large packaging but are light in weight, we’ll be shipping all Toy-only orders via EMS(Express Mail Service).

• The benefit is that EMS shipping charges are based on actual weight rather than the dimensions of the package.

• In addition, the EMS shipping rates offer more transparency on charges, so it’s completely clear on all shipping pricing and costs for toy orders.

• From December 13th, 2017, all Toy-only orders will be shipped by EMS, except for special cases.

Special cases include, but are not limited to orders where items have a combined volume size considered too large by the destined country’s postal service or items containing batteries. In such cases, customers will receive an email offering alternative shipping methods such as FedEx or UPS.

Orders which include non-toy items (e.g. Video games, Clothing, etc.) will still have other shipping methods available.

This change only applies to Toy-Only orders. Orders that are scheduled to be shipped out after December 13th will be affected by this change and related customers will be contacted by our customer service.

Improved packaging for safer delivery

We’ve also updated the packaging for our toy orders. They’ll now come shipped with corner guards to provide further protection to the package. These corner guards are reusable and will not add any extra cost to shipping. We understand our customers want their purchases protected during the shipping process. This extra protection will be used in the packaging of any order that includes a toy.

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Again these changes will only affect Toy-Only orders.

If you have any further inquiries or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service at


2 Responses

  1. Alejandro Magallanes says:

    This are great news!, I’m starting to hate the service provided by FedEx, as they open the packages, add an expensive tax cost, and lately, they arge that they can’t find my address the change to EMS is welcome (*v*)b

    • Joemar.Belleza says:

      Hi Alejandro Magallanes. It is! And we hope that it will also be smooth for every customer that we have. Thanks for reading!

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