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The Mystery of the Death Mark in Shiin

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Experience Inc. launched Shiin or Death Mark in English for PlayStation Vita this year. Now, Shiin is coming to PlayStation 4. in January 2018 and soon to be available on Switch. This horror adventure game is now available for pre-order.


Shiin (PlayStation 4™, JPN) US$ 51.99 pre



Shoutout to those horror fanatics out there! Horror is coming way too early for 2018. Shiin translated as Death Mark in English is your horror starter game for the new year. Let’s see the gameplay and the features below.


Started from an urban legend that is spread around in Tokyo’s “H” district that those who receive a mark will die. Rumors around the area spread fastly. There a lot of people disappeared without any apparent reason.


Some think that this is an invitation of the ghost or they are affected by a curse. The protagonist of the game has a death mark as well. All of those people who have death marks are invited in the “Kujou Mansion.” A magnificent talking doll welcomes the protagonist and warns him that if he doesn’t find the reason why he has the death mark, he must die. The protagonist must a choose a partner who also has the death mark to help him in this horror journey. They must travel to the haunted places and find the mystery behind the mark before the time ticks to end.


According to the Shiin official website, “Shiin” means silence or “Shush” in English. Shiin and Shush can be associated with death.


Help the protagonist in finding the mystery of the death mark before its too late!, Shiin, Shiin Japan, Shiin Playstation 4, Shiin gameplay, Shiin price, Shiin features, Shiin release date


Shiin [Limited Edition] (PlayStation 4™, JPN)




To add up your spooky feels for this game, Shiin Limited Edition for PlayStation 4 is now available as pre-order! You must get this baby before it sold out because this is very limited. It is available on our website.

Box contents

  • PS4 Game: Shiin
  • Booklet
  • Original Soundtrack CD


Source: Famitsu.





  • Horror adventure – Explore the spirit spot in which the existence of fear is exceeding human knowledge. Lurks the existence of those who carried the same fate and find a way to survive
  • Going through the darkness – Monsters are hiding in place where people do not approach, such as abandoned school, forestry, wrecked company. You have to proceed through it, only relying on a flashlight. The more you search for clues, the more the situation gets worse
  • Time limit – The remaining life has a time limit and will be shunned by mistaking the judgment during the search. And when the death by the curse comes close, the monster shows its figure
  • Clue – The information gathered will be the last resort to despair. If you take erroneous actions, gradually close the distance, you will have a definite en



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  1. Shy says:

    This game has really peaked my intrest, but I can’t read Japanese kanji. I hope an english subtitled version comes out in the future, cause I would really love to dive into this game.

    • Joemar.Belleza says:

      Hi Sky,

      Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. Don’t worry. If there will be an English release for this game then we’ll surely make a blog about it. For the meantime, why not sign up for our newsletter and be informed of our exclusive deals and upcoming sales first? Click here!

      Best regards, Team

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