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Hooray! This week a bunch of new Nindies titles will arrive on Nintendo Switch. Covering a large number of genres and styles, these games are simply perfect if you want to try something original, created with a lot of love!
So, get your Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Cards, and fill the Switch internal memory with unique games while you support the Nindies gaming scene!

The Coma: Recut

Do you love to be scared? Well, if so you’re very lucky because of the release of The Coma: Recut for Switch is very near! in luck because just in time for the winter holiday season you have the great opportunity to explore the creepy Sehwa High School. Get comfy and prepare to be knocked off the chair while you play this new indie horror game!

In this game, you’ll follow the story of Youngho, a young boy who mysteriously awakes in a twisted high school. She finds herself trapped by a psychopathic murderer who kidnapped her classmates and teachers one by one and forces them to serve him.
Determined to escape from this nightmare on Earth, you must help Youngho wander in the dark corridors of the school to find an exit.
This ultimate horror experience will test all of your senses taking you on an extreme journey through a dark place full of indescribable horrors, hear the noise…feel the movements…and be careful to don’t focus on you unwanted attention…

Do you have what it takes to step in the school and experience the horror that laying behind its doors? In The Coma: Recut the terror will be unfolded right before your eyes. Will you be able to survive or will you become another servant within the Sehwa High School?

Choose to live this thrilling hand-illustrated horror adventure digitally (on Nintendo Switch) or physically (with the full of surprises limited box for PlayStation 4)

Good luck…hahahahaha…

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Throughout history, a lot of myths, stories, and fables have contributed to give different meanings to different flowers, led to them being associated with moods and feelings in many cultures around the world. Normally the flowers are associated with the most important events of our lives, including birth and death. From blooming buds which symbolize birth, to specific colors which denote tragic facts, without any doubt, there is a flower for every occasion.

But what if one day the Kingdom of Blossom starts to be cursed by darkness? Well, the answer is both simple yet tragic, no more flowers anywhere!
Therefore, the brave Knight of the Rose Lily decided to start an epic quest to let regain the lost power to the King and save the whole Kingdom once for all!

Welcome to the colorful world of Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, this indie action RPG melt skillfully modern and retro at the same time. You’ll live a magical free-roaming adventure through dungeons, mystic lands, and old castles in this Zelda-inspired game. With charismatic characters, a wacky story, and an engaging gameplay system, if you like pixel art and original RPGs, this is the game for you.

Both familiar and fresh, this game will bring a warm fuzzy feeling to the old-time gamers and a new sort of exhilaration to the new ones.

The old is the new new. Relive your own, your older siblings, or even your parents’ childhood, and don’t forget to keep the flowers alive!

The Next Penelope

Soon after his return to Ithaca, Ulysses has started a war against the divine entities that rule the universe, the ancient gods from Greek mythology, angered with him, they sentenced Ulysses to wander through the galaxy until the end of times.
To bring back her husband, Penelope has started a long journey across the planets in search of him.

Melting the famous figures from Greek mythology with a futuristic twist, The Next Penelope is an addictive and fast-paced adrenaline pumping galactical racing game that can provide a good old-fashioned race-shooting experience, even if you aren’t typically a fan of this genre.

Featuring loud colors, an original story, a challenging risk-reward system, and an innovative weapon system, in this game you must race hard on all the planets of the galaxy, each one provided with unique events, bosses, and power-ups. Thanks to its smooth control system, you’ll be able to pilot your spaceship in a very intuitive way even in case you must dodge the fireballs and the thunderbolts that the gods will shoot, in some particular cases Penelope can exploit the sacred power of the ship to eradicate all the obstacles with one hit, but be aware that this power will consume the life-energy, so you have to save it to not get destroyed.

In addition, if you’re a fan of the 80s, we’re sure that you’ll love its soundtrack! Incorporating elements of techno, synthwave and dance music, the sound of The Next Penelope will accompany you in this voyage along the galaxy in the best way possible!

Push A on your Joy-Con to start a new type of game that leads the racing games’ genre to new inconceivable heights full of style and charm.

Don’t forget that many other Nindies titles are available on the US Nintendo eShop, you can slash a massive horde of human flesh eating undead with Bloody Zombies or if you feel competitive join the ultimate fighting tournament with Brawlout!
And if you want to maximize your Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Card, you’ll be happy to know that there are wonderful titles such as Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Rocket League, 88 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition, SteamWorld Dig 2, and many other available at a special insane price (for a limited time)!


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