Dynasty Warriors 9 New Feature And Character list

Dynasty Warriors 9

PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 13 Feb 2018

In recent years, Koei keeps update new Dynasty Warriors almost every year and without surprise for this year.  New Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released on 13 Feb 2018 PS4 and Xbox.  Chinese and Japanese version Sangokumusō will be on 8 Feb, pre-orders for the physical or standard digital version of Dynasty Warriors 9 will include a bundle of seven costumes: an imposing Beijing opera-style costume for Zhao Yun, and six costumes inspired by traditional Chinese undergarment styles for Guan Yinping, Diaochan, Sun Shangxiang, Lu Lingqi, Wang Yi, and Wang Yuanji.

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New Features

New Dynasty Warriors not just add new characters and upgrade to 4K resolution.  Koei really gives their best this time, brand new weapon system, allowing players build their weapon with the different combination by equipping gems.  Enhance the character’s special abilities or add elemental attributes, and higher level weapons may become available for purchase as a reward for clearing missions.

All weapons also classified as one of three types (common, rare, epic),  most of them can be purchases in blacksmith with higher ranked weapons due with large damages but also come at a higher cost.  As the official web, weapons can also be obtained by using scrolls and collecting materials to craft them.  Scrolls and materials can be purchased from the Coin Collector or found around the field.

This is the first open world in dynasty warriors series.  You might discover a lot of landmarks in China, visiting cities and villages located throughout the field will allow for buying and/or selling weapons and items, as well as obtaining useful information from villagers.  Players also can free roam around the map in Chinese style, enjoying various encounters and scenery while proceeding through the game.

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Characters list

Koei revealed most of characters movement now, we pick most update for you and if you want the full set, please click here.  We also include the full characters list in the bottom and please comment which character you most often to use in the game and why.






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