Experience Elite School Adventure in Hello Lady! Superior Dynamis

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Experience Elite School Adventure in Hello Lady! Superior Dynamis

PlayStation Vita – JP – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Another bishoujo game is coming to Japan this January 2018! Dramatic Create‘s Hello Lady! Superior Dynamis is available for PlayStation Vita only. This visual novel game is now available for pre-order here at Play-Asia.com.


Hello Lady! Superior Dynamis (PlayStation Vita, JPN)US$ 68.99 pre



This visual novel game includes the PC adventure game, Hello Lady! and Hello Lady -New Division- which both released in 2014. The illustrator is Saeki Hokuto while Wataru Hino and Jō Shūdō are the creators of the scenario.


Meanwhile, this is the base game’s Hello Lady description.


Many problems lie ahead for society in the 21st century. The best youths in the country are gathered at the super-elite Amakawa Noble School where they are trained to lead us to a brilliant future. They are led by five bishoujos known as ‘crowns’. One day, the leader of the crowns Saku was the target of a terrorist attack. She was saved by Shinri, who was invited to the school as the sixth crown. However, he is at odds with the school system. He vowed to do things under his accord and bring change to the school. Saku decided that she must keep an eye on him. – via VNDB


Are you getting the glimpse of the game? Are you excited? To add up your feels for this game, check their teaser website here.


via: The Vita Lounge 



  • A revenge play to save the world!
  • Bundles together the 2014-released PC games: Hello Lady! and Hello Lady! New Division




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