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The New Legend in Hokuto ga Gotoku

PlayStation 4™ – JAPAN & ASIA – PRE-ORDER NOW!   Sega does it again! Hokuto ga Gotoku or Fist of the North Star in English translation schedule to release this March 2018. This is..., The Count Lucanor, The Count Lucanor Nintendo Switch, The Count Lucanor Europe, The Count Lucanor gameplay, The Count Lucanor features, The Count Lucanor price, The Count Lucanor release date

Unravel the Mysteries of The Count Lucanor

Nintendo™ Switch – EU – PRE-ORDER NOW!   The developer Baroque Decay released the horror RPG, The Count Lucanor, in PS4 and PS Vita last year. Now, the Switch users must anticipate for this horror...

Rocket League Cross-Platform Party Confirmed

Cross-Platform Party Great Monday again!  We have good news from Rocket League official twitter. The cross-platform party will launch in 2018, implying that 40-million or more players able to challenge their buddies with a different platform...., Runner3, Runner3 US, Runner3 Nintendo Switch, Runner3 gameplay, Runner3 features, Runner3 release date, Runner3 price

A BIT.TRIP Game Series: Runner3

A BIT.TRIP Game Series: Runner3 Nintendo™ Switch – US – PRE-ORDER NOW!   Choice Provisions and Nicalis are releasing the upcoming rhythm platformer video game in Nintendo Switch this March 2018. Runner3 is a...