Shurado Free On IOS and Android


Welcome to 2018, Ganbarion studio second mobile action game, Shurado finally released on IOS 29 Dec 2017.  As the name, the game story about Samurai killed a ton of life and fall into darkness after he died.  Full of Japanese samurai spirits and climbs to glory Shurado.

The game control is very simple and straight, Samurai will automatically moving to rival, repeated fights several times.  Players will reach the boss of the floor after few matches and gain mystery weapon box after the victory.  However, same as some of the arcade game, all the reward point will be reset after game over, what is the point…

Enemy gear up with different style armor, while players arrived they will stand up, ready for battle.  Battle won’t end until one side consumed all HP (blue bar for players and red for the CPU rival), each action will cost stamina (green bar).  Therefore, understand the different type of weapons will be the key of the game since weapons type will cost players different stamina.  A close-up motion will be active while both side attack at the same time,  player able deal with the extra damage.

As Taiwan famous gaming forum, there total 10 stages in the game, after you finish there extra stage – Shurado mode, which you can call as hell mode.  Simply say it’s more difficult stage and get rare weapon depends on the players level.  After 15 minutes played this game, it’s pretty awesome as a samurai fans, but the reward system totally destroys the game.  Go try and it’s now free on App Store and Google Play.  Don’t forget we have limited time offer for the iTunes cards and see you in next one!

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