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Are your stealth and survival mechanics at par with 2018? Prove you can survive with the “Metal Gear Survive” that will soon be released for PS4, Xbox One, and in PC.


Metal Gear Survive (PlayStation 4™, US) US$ 39.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (Xbox One™, US) US$ 39.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (PlayStation 4™, JPN) US$ 45.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (PlayStation 4™, EUR) US$ 59.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (Xbox One™, EUR) US$ 59.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (DVD-ROM) (Windows™, EUR) US$ 59.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (PlayStation 4™, Australia) US$ 49.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (Xbox One™, Australia) US$ 49.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (Chinese Subs) (PlayStation 4™, ASIA) US$ 59.99 pre
Metal Gear Survive (Chinese Subs) (Xbox One™, ASIA) US$ 59.99 pre



It’s a new year and there must be a fresh take on all things that we venture into. And yes, that includes the games that we are about to play this 2018. And speaking of something new and embracing meaningful change, it is impossible to miss the idea of Metal Gear being under the belt of Konami from its original creator, Hideo Kojima. Well, after all, there is nothing permanent in this world except for change. And with the release of a new game, what should fans expect from a new series of Metal Gear?


But this 2015-controversy only stirred the clear water making a new game come on in the spotlight. Let’s give way to “Metal Gear Survive.” The game is an upcoming survival action-adventure game. It features a plot in between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes as well as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And mind you, owners of PS4, Xbox One, and Windows will have a chance to play this game.


Metal Gear Survive is set in an open-world environment with a third-person perspective. One of the best things that the publisher promises with the release of the game is the co-op multiplayer mode. This mode will allow players to have the chance to be joined by up to 3 players in exploring the world as well as in completing the missions. But if you like, you can also play it solo where a team of 3 AI will accompany you and you can give orders to.


Metal Gear Survive follows the evacuation of Kazuhira Miller and Big Boss from the Mother Base. If you think it can be worst than that, the sky opens up and sucked up the offshore plant together with the soldiers of the Militaires Sans Frontières. These soldiers were hauled into another alternate reality in a world with vicious, zombie-like beings known as “creatures.” And what you need to do is to find resources and muster the all your courage to go back to your own world.


By the way, below is the official statement of Konami of the game’s release.



You can also check our previous blog about it. The latest PlayStation Dengeki Magazine contains an interview with a Metal Gear Survive developer staff about their upcoming title. The staffer confirmed that “a lot” of the developers from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be returning to make this game. In the interview we also get some tidbits of the single-player and multiplayer as far as the level of difficulty is concerned. Multiplayer will consist of four players and will be easier to take on waves of “Creatures” compared to doing it alone in Single Player. You can check out the translated material by clicking here.




  • Two ways to play – Single Play and CO-OP Play. These modes are linked via Base Camp. Character progress and gear carries between the two modes.
  • Build and develop your Base Camp – This offers access to the weapon and gear crafting. As well as offering you a command center for planning missions in Single Play and CO-OP Play
  • Gather resources for use in crafting including blueprints and raw materials – These can be gathered in Single play by exploring the environment or won in successful CO-OP missions
  • Develop Base camp with new facilities to aid survival – including crop growing, animal rearing, food and water storage. As your camp develops you’ll gain access to high grade crafting items
  • Manage resources, including human essentials such as food and water as well as raw materials used for weapons, defenses, and expandables






Check the Single-Player Gameplay Trailer below:



More, below is the Gameplay Demo which was shown during the TGS 2016:






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