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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A Historically Accurate RPG

PlayStation 4™, Xbox One™ & PC – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Warhorse Studios s.r.o brings the medieval action role-playing game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this February 13, 2018. Get ready to be amused by the realistic graphics and the illusions of the real historical background of the game itself. Pre-order now!


Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PlayStation 4™, US) US$ 59.99 pre
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Xbox One™, US) US$ 59.99 pre
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PlayStation 4™, EUR) US$ 59.99 pre
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Xbox One™, EUR) US$ 59.99 pre
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (DVD-ROM) (Windows™, EUR) US$ 59.99 pre
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PlayStation 4™, Australia) US$ 59.99 pre
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Xbox One™, Australia) US$ 59.99 pre



We are traveling back to the Medieval Era also known as the Middle Ages. For a brief background about the Middle Ages, this era lasted for 5th to 15th century. This era began after the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the Era of Enlightenment or Renaissance to the Age of Discovery.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance sets in 1403 in the Kingdom of Bohemia, a part of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown or in the present time it’s known as the Czech Republic. The Kingdom of Bohemia is a medieval monarchy in Central Europe. It all starts with the death of the Emperor Charles IV. His son, Wenceslaus IV, inherited the throne. However, he’s too weak to rule the monarch then his half-brother, Sigismund, the King of Hungary travels to Bohemia to kidnap him. The Kingdom of Bohemia is in the hands of Sigismund as he seizes all the riches of the kingdom.


You will play as the blacksmith son named Henry. You and your family have a peaceful life along not until the invading army kills everyone and burns your entire village ordered by the King of Hungary himself. But you survived the massacre. You are going to serve a noble who is forming a resistance against the Kingdom. However, your goal is to have vengeance to the ones who killed your parents during the massacre.


Prepare yourself for a journey through the medieval Czech Republic! You can use your influence to investigate crimes in your quest. Equip your protagonist with weapons as he engages in historical battles. Redeem yourself with the drive of vengeance and be a hero of the 15th century!




  • Historically accurate: based on real events
  • Non-linear story: solve quests in multiple ways
  • Unique and immersive combat system: created with experts in 15th century martial arts.
  • Dynamic world: your actions influence the reactions of the people around you. Fight, steal, seduce, threaten, persuade or bribe. It’s all up to you
  • Character development: improve your skills, earn new perks and prepare your equipment
  • Large realistic, open world landscape: reconstruction of the Bohemian landscape
  • Huge battles and castle sieges: you are no superhero, you need to survive in the heat of a medieval skirmish



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