Furi: Run ‘n Slice for your life!


Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Hyper Frenetic Action Game

You’re in prison! Your codename is “The Stranger”, and you must face your punishment in a highly advanced prison complex which floating over the Earth’s surface, you know, in space no one can hear you scream…
One day a mysterious masked man known as “The Voice” gave you a sword and a gun to escape from there and recover your freedom. Do you have the courage and the abilities to do it? On January 11 you’ll be called to discover it with the new death struggle for survival, Furi!

In this digital cyberpunk search for freedom, you’ll face some of the deadliest jailers which only duty is to catch you at any cost: “The Chain”, a sadistic staff-wielding man who love to torture the prisoners; “The Line”, an old man who can manipulate time; “The Edge”, a powerful warrior who dedicated his life to fighting you; and many other ones. Wielding your katana and shoot with your gun, you must fight your way to reach the exit.

Furi for Switch is an insanely hectic action hell game inspired by gems such as No More Heroes, Bayonetta, and Vanquish, in which the combination of perfect timing + great reflexes can you grant the victory over the “system” that rule the prison. Fast-paced action, challenging battles, and the magical artistic touch of Takashi Okazaki (the creator of Afro Samurai manga series) plus the 80’s synth-pop soundtrack make it one of the best Nindie game of the beginning of this year, exploit all of your resourcefulness to beat the bosses, because more creative combos you’ll use and more your skills will improve giving you tons of funny hours!

Fast, fluid and ultra frenetic, Furi mix perfectly the action slashing mechanics with the dual-stick shooting genre to bring you a unique & explosive cocktail that will let you taste a very brutal gameplay experience, adding a cool story that will make this game a bit more digestible while you’ll fight over the clouds trying to survive the threats of the prison and uncover its dark secrets.

Perform headlong acrobatic moves of “The Stranger”. Jump, climb, flip and run through the massive game world while slicing through various foes such as cybernetic jailers and bio-mechanical creatures.
Unleash his explosive attacks and cutting-edge abilities and become the ultimate weapon to find the freedom!


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