The beat goes on with L.F.O. for Nintendo Switch!

L.F.O. – Lost Future Omega –

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Rhythm Shooting Game

Light x Music x Shooting = Happy!
This the motto of the new Synesthesic shooting game for Switch: L.F.O. – Lost Future Omega –!
Developed by the indie Japanese studio Mebius, this techno shooting game is set in a virtual world in which the music carries out a very important task both in virtual and real worlds.
To get back the people future who has been stolen by a mysterious faceless force created by an advanced A.I. system, you are called to shoot your way through a hostile digitally generated environment, to save the galaxy from a very dramatic sudden change.

To remark the importance of the music in this new digital-only Nindie title, the developers used the acronym LFO in the title, other than Lost Future Omega, this term indicates also the Low-Frequency Oscillator, if you don’t know what we’re talking about a brief explanation is compulsory.
Low-Frequency Oscillator is an electronic circuit introduced in the synths of the 60s and 70s, in music it’s habitually used to create specific effects in a match with a specific tempo modulating or changing a parameter in a synth, sampler, or effects processor.

Bringing strong beats, energy, and a retro-cool neon art style, this unconventional shooting game combines the modern and pop with the gameplay elements from the classic video games of the 80s, L.F.O. – Lost Future Omega – for Switch provides tons of great fun destroying hundreds of enemies and obstacles at the speed of light. But don’t forget that even if your vehicle is the most advanced one, the technology and the firepower are useless if not coordinated with a sharp aim and a deep sense of rhythm. This is a new kind of war, and survival depends only on your fingers and ears!

Blast through 15 areas of intense combo-driven missions, along two challenging game modes that mix at highest levels great music, deep & flexible gameplay, and dazzling visual imagery.
If you loved Rez and Rez Infinite, you’ll become also a huge fan of L.F.O. – Lost Future Omega –!
Destroy the terrifying A.I. before it reshapes digital and physical worlds, the hope for both lies inside your ears, hit the beat grabbing your Joy-Cons before it’s too late!


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