Sail among the stars with Star Ocean: The Last Hope for PS4!

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: JRPG

Pioneers, ride on a spaceship, and visit new planets!

In S.D. 10, after the devastating World War III, our planet has been destroyed, and the few survivors started to travel among the stars to find a new planet to call home…
Since ancient times, the humans have always watched at the cosmos both with deep respect and unreasonable fear, studying stars, planets, and all the other space phenomena for a very long time making the astronomy one of the oldest sciences ever developed.
For example, in 350 B.C., the astronomer Shih Shen compiled a catalog including more than 800 stars, while the Egyptians counted the years watching the brightest star in the winter sky, Sirius.
During the millennia writers, painters, and also video games creators tried to unveil the deep space’s secrets through their works, and playing with Star Ocean series, you’ll have the great opportunity to enter into a new galactic system in which magic and science are combined to take you on the ultimate journey across the stars.

Finally, the worldwide beloved Star Ocean: The Last Hope returns on PlayStation 4 with a new HD feature that will let you experience the wonders and the mysteries of space in the most emotional way. More than a simple JRPG, this long space opera blends science fiction elements with traditional fantasy genre to give you a unique RPG experience. On Earth, the population decimated by a deteriorating environment, the few existing countries have created the Federations of the Greater Unified Nations, and to offer common people a new way for a better living they’ve started to search a new uncontaminated planet, but they didn’t know that the universe is a vast place filled with danger and the unknown.

Start the mission for a second chance for all the humankind, the Federation chose Edge Maverick and his childhood friend Reimi Saionji as the firsts members of the new Space Reconnaissance Force, an elite governmental organization that has been created to find new worlds beyond the stars. Onboard the advanced spaceship Calnus, they entered in a mysterious wormhole that led them into the infinite Star Ocean, equipped with swords and staffs, bows and arrows, be ready to take your pick and embark on an adventure of a lifetime in search of a new Eden for the humanity…

Hundreds of enemies from outer space are determined to stop your exploration plans, be ready to battle all of them controlling the party members exploiting the innovative and refined real-time battle system that has become a trademark of the series. Providing seamless fights, in the new enhanced version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope the enemies will attack you also during the visually astonishing event scenes, so prepared for the battle and see how the story will change if one of your allies will be caught during these events.

Enjoy hours and hours of discoveries, exploration, dialogues, and hotshot battles through magnificent cities, rugged mountains, and dizzying canyons. The new digital-only HD version of this eternal stellar RPG will let you experience many different sensations, press start and be ready to travel to planets beyond any imagination while you’ll enjoy the 4K and Full HD out-of-this-world resolution!


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