Glory is Gory with Mutant Football League for PS4 and Xbox One!

Mutant Football League

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Fantasy Footbrawl

Hear the roaring of the crowd, they want to see you play, and to win you must do it in the dirtiest way!
Because this is not an average football league, this is the outrageously challenging Mutant League where only one rule is valid: there are no rules!!!!

More exciting and engaging than any other sport game, in Mutant Football League for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you’re the star player that can lead your team to the Hall of Fame. Ogres, skeletons, robots, and many other bloodthirsty, wild team are here to devastate their opponents, using both brute force and more refined super techniques that can pulverize even the most stubborn defense. Break all the rules (and the bones) while you run to score a try, based on the Sega Genesis smash hit originally released in 1993, Mutant Football League brings all the brutality of the original title in your face for the most epic footbrawl experience ever!

Redefining the standard rules of football games, this title offers intense gameplay, out-of-this-world graphics and an endless variety of game modes that can let live you exciting match moments while you run in different arenas full of deadly traps and nasty obstacles such as toxic pools, thin ice, lava flows, and many others, but always keep on your mind that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, even if an unexpected meteor shower would fall on your fragile body.

Alone with your friend be ready to crush or be crushed picking up hundreds of different weapons such as bombs, axes or chainsaws to provoke an immense mayhem to let entertain your supporters and acquire even new fans that will hail you from the bleachers during your bloody run to the international title.

On January 19 glory will be gory with Mutant Football League!
Choose your team, train it, and call the play in the biggest, toughest, and most bone-crushing footbrawl game of the year!

Hold your guts against the mutant’s elite, and you could be forever remembered as the deadliest team ever!


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