UPDATED: Time Traveling in Steins; Gate Elite

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Time Traveling in Steins; Gate Elite

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation Vita & Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Another visual novel game is coming to Japan this 2018. Steins; Gate Elite is the updated version of the first game, Steins; Gate. 5pb developed this game. Are you excited to play this visual novel? Are you excited for the ending of this? What are you waiting for? Pre-order now!

UPDATE: Please wait for the official release date of this game! Thank you.


Steins;Gate Elite (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 69.99 pre
Steins;Gate Elite (PlayStation Vita, JPN)US$ 69.99 pre
Steins;Gate Elite (Nintendo™ Switch, JPN)US$ 69.99 pre



Otaku fans! I know you are waiting for this game especially for those die-hard fans of the anime. This visual novel is fully animated. It uses all the footage from the anime, Steins; Gate. Basically, the players read the text on the screen and advance through the story. However, in some point of the game, there are choices that the players might encounter leading to different scenarios even different endings.


Of course, this game is not limited only to those who are fans of the series. If you are interested, I will give you the plot summary. It might give you some interesting sparks to buy this.


The story sets in Akihabara, Tokyo in Summer 2010. Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed mad scientist. He runs a laboratory along with his friends Mayuri Shiina and Itaru Hashida. Akihabara is full of hardware stuff. Whether you buy a lot of electronics, gadgets and other stuff, Akihabara is perfect for the visual novel. This place is also the ideal place for inventing stuff. The theme of this game is about time travel. The protagonist travels back through time in order to alter some events in the past and also in the future.

Does it tick your interest up? If yes, this game is now available for pre-order!


Travel through time with Rintaro Okabe as he fixes the past or the future.




  • Know the story completely – Steins; Gate Elite tell its story completely different from the conventional series. You will get to watch the animation with a simple press of the button and new routes that weren’t in the original anime
  • Full animation adventure – Where instead of static images, you will play the game as if you’re watching the anime, something totally new for the series!
  • 24 episodes of the original anime – Contains branching paths that you will decide on that weren’t in the anime




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