Lost Sphear: save a world of wonders on Switch and PS4!

Lost Sphear

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: JRPG

After the release of their touching first title I am Setsuna globally recognized as the game who has started the JRPG Renaissance, Tokyo RPG Factory has returned with another adventure that will shake your emotions from the roots: Lost Sphear!
Bringing the good, old “golden age” elements such as the party based system, the famous ATB (Active Time Battle System), and a charming pure fantasy RPG experience, this video game for PlayStation 4 and Switch will carry you into a vast and mystical world that you can normally visit only in dreams.

This new original quest is set in Lore, a place built from the Memories of its inhabitants. According to the ancient legends, all the creatures who live in there become the Memories of the planet giving it its form, but cyclically a period of renewal occurs, this time is called “Lost”, and during it all the living form are erased to prepare the creation of a new world, but when a tragic night a young boy called Kanata suddenly awoke after a nightmare he discovered that his hometown vanishes …a new adventure began, as hopebringer, Kanata is the chosen one who can interrupt this event and its impact on Lore.

Featuring the revolutionary ATB 2.0 Battle System, an enhanced version of the one implemented in I am Setsuna, it’ll let you experience an even more seamlessly freedom during the fights while you move the characters within the battlefield, it’ll give you the unique opportunity to perform powerful melee attacks along with greatest magic spells to defeat the Erasers and capture the tech-advanced Vulcosuit robots to use their parts to gain enhanced abilities.In addition, the mystic power of Memory will affect the whole story, so choose wisely which Memories you want to craft to restore the world to its original state.

Together with Lumina – Kanata’s closest friend skilled in self-taught martial arts techniques -, Locke – the master blacksmith who can craft any type of weapons -, Van – a mysterious black dressed guy, who seems to know the secrets behind the “Lost” phenomenom -, Sherra – a mountain priestess able to communicate with monsters and skilled in White Magic -, and Obaro – a man returned to life just after Kanata’s power of Memory were awakened -, our hero will start a very emotional journey across a dying world to save all its inhabitants.

Lost Sphear for Switch and PS4 will immerse yourself into a fantastic adventure beyond imagination. Form your own party, craft new weapons, fight evil, save the world, meet new friends, and then see a new dawn. The emotional impact is strong in this game, thanks to its storytelling prowess the developers of Tokyo RPG Factory created another beautiful yet heavy dramatic JRPG.

A new great homage to the masterpieces of yesteryear, lovely filled beautiful character designs, and varied in-game locales evoke nostalgia for classic RPGs will arrive on January 23 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, be sure to add it to your digital or physical games’ library.
And don’t forget that if you pre-order digitally, all the magic of Lost Sphear will be instantly pre-loaded on your console to let you enter in this new world of wonders on launch day!


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