Monster Hunter World Final Beta Coming Weekend

Hello(4649) Hunters! It’s Monday again and one more week closer to 26 January. Heads up to all hunters out there!  More news and info revealed past week and here the sum up for you. 

Final beta test starts on 19th

The third beta test confirmed will start between 19 January at 2 a.m. (UTC) to Monday, January 22 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC), all PlayStation®4 users able to download the beta game on 17 January and enjoy the beta. No additional download necessary for players who have already saved the Monster Hunter: World™ Beta before.  Good news is the fourth mission will be added, “The Insatiable Nergigante”.  The mission locate at Wildspire Waste, versus the most destroyable monster – Nergigante.  It grows with a pair of unbelievable thick horns on top of head and armor with un-destroyable sharp spikes whole body.  Definitely the most challenging mission during the beta and it’s time to test your skill. 

Furthermore, hunters can get special bonuses for participating in the beta, completing each of the four quests for the first time will earn you item sets for release version game. Items include lifepowder, max potions, shock traps, and lots more, which help hunter breeze through the mission.

Free DLC confirmed

The dreaded Deviljho returns.  As Capcom confirmed, the Deviljho will be added as the first free DLC at the same time the game release.  Not much of mission detail released yet but what I am only want to say – GIVE ME BACK THE LOADING SCREEN PLEASE!!!

Elder Dragons Back

The latest TVCM revealed Kirin will show in Monster Hunter World, one of the first generation elder dragons type,  as the video clip(0:24) showing hunters were attacked by Kirin powerful thunder in Coral Highlands.  Prepare your hunting party! The calamitous Elder Dragons are approaching!

Latest Eight minutes of ‘Rotten Vale’ gameplay

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26.  It will only release on PlayStation®4 in Asia and Chinese subtitle will come up with update patch as PlayStation Press confirmed.  If you still looking for a PlayStation®4, here the starter bundle for you.

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And here some good stuff for you guys! Capcom Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus: The Best of Vol. 4, 5, 6 coming out in 2018 and pre-order deadline on Feb 01, 2018 (GMT+8). Hurry Up!


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