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State Of Decay 2

Xbox One™ – US & EU – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Can’t get enough of the phenomenal The Walking Dead Series? Looking for more challenging zombie survival game? Well, seems like the search is over, as the victorious commended “State of Decay” franchise will have its new installment, State of Decay 2. It is an upcoming action-adventure game under development by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. It is coming out on all Xbox One Consoles this May 22nd, in the US and Europe.

Brace yourselves for an extra challenging gameplay and exciting new adventure that is waiting for you and your friends. Can’t wait for it? Pre-order now!






Players will perceive themselves in the shoes of a randomly created survivor of a post-apocalyptic zombie world. However, here in State of Decay 2, you are not a sole superhero overthrown with fame after you saved the world. Instead, you’re going to build a community of survivors and defend yourselves from the zombies lurking everywhere. Work together with your whole community of survivors, guarding each other’s backs and sharing the rewards of your attainments.

In addition, the game will give you an option, if you are brave enough to face the zombies by yourself, you can do it solo or you can bring three friends with you on this terrifying adventure. Each survivor in the game has their own unique mix of background characteristics, skills, and personalities. These traits will ascertain what they are capable of, what they desire, and the enthusiasm they have to achieve their goals.

Prepare yourselves as you explore the whole town filled with demented zombies. Get ready to be engaged in a lot of survival situations as a regular part of your everyday life. This includes battling with the powerful zombies, recruiting friendly survivors into your community, and composing tough choices in order to survive and live another day.

Also, in order for you to successfully endure the day, part of the gameplay is to look for worthy resources and gear necessary to keep your people alive. Upon discovering these valuable supplies, you will have the opportunity to unlock significant new facilities and relevant community options along the way. In addition, remember that here in State of Decay 2, your decisions and choices mold the identity of your community. So, use your community’s unique collection of characters to form a path through the game.


  • An open-world adventure – It’s up to you to build your base, develop your characters, and manage resources to survive as a group in this post-apocalyptic zombie world
  • RPG progression – Develop each survivor’s skills to improve their capabilities and strengthen your community
  • Four player co-op multiplayer – Play solo or team up with up to three friends to explore an open world filled with dynamic zombies, human enemies, and the valuable gear necessary to keep your community alive
  • Your choices define your survival story – In the zombie apocalypse, you must create your own moral code. Every decision has lasting consequences that you must face. How you decide to survive may surprise you


A bigger and better town is waiting for you, for your new adventure. Call up your fearless friends and get ready to tear all those zombies apart!



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