Put The Long War To An End In Quar: Infernal Machines

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Quar: Infernal Machines


Quar: Infernal Machines is an upcoming turn-based strategy game developed by Steel Wool Studios. The game is expected to launch on the 1st of June, 2018 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Before, it was announced with a title, Quar: Battle For Gate 18 but then it was renamed to Quar: Infernal Machines. Pre-order now!


Quar: Infernal Machines (PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™, EUR) US$ 29.99 pre



Quar have always appeared to be in a war. Back to the times of the first nomadic groups of insect compilers, they have formed a low, mud-walled building. Its primary purpose is to prevent other Quar, considered as the wild animals. As they are innovatively improving, it is no longer a surprise that they have crafted pieces of equipment to protect themselves. The mud walls they built instantly transformed into fortified citadels and later on, city-states.

On the other hand, the society has dealt with the changing of the seasons and the threat of war for an estimated of five thousand years of civilization. For the record, it has been 700 years since the Quar have been pursuing The Long War to a complete standstill that has ruined their lives.

Unfortunately, the balance of power is changing. Although Alykinder’s Crusade is also in favor to end The Long War, his only way is to defeat all the Quar Nations.

Quar: Infernal Machines brings you to one epic battle in one arena of The Long War: the Battle for Gate 18 between the Crusader Army and the Royalist Coftyran Crymuster. Step into the fictional world of Alywd in Quar: Infernal Machines. Explore throughout the whole land via virtual reality experience.

So, as the sole player of the game, you will take the role of a general commanding cavalry to clear the enemy’s quarters. Based on the award-winning Table Top Game system “This Quar’s War”, you will notice a lot of resemblance from the said game.

Just like the Baeliog armored tractors, you can utilize this to pulverize strengthened barriers. In addition, your army is equipped with a variety of weapons ranging from a simple Bogen rifle to heavy-automatic shotguns as you call in dangerous airstrikes to destroy your opponent’s campsite.

The game also features more than 12 levels for you to survive in order to meet the advocate’s goal. From lonely outposts in the woods to trenches to the dead of night and finally climaxing in the epic battle of Gate 18 itself. Moreover, you can connect with your units from a god’s eye view or shrink yourself down to Quar size to witness the action closely.


  • PlayStation VR compatible including Move Controller support
  • Based on the award-winning Table Top Game system “This Quar’s War”
  • Turn-based VR Combat!
  • Over 6 hours of unique gameplay
  • More than 12 levels in which to fight for the Crusader cause! From lonely outposts in the woods to trenches to the dead of night and finally culminating in the epic battle of Gate 18 itself!
  • 18 different friendly and enemy units! From infantry to cavalry and armored tractors to snipers and heavy-automatic shotguns!
  • Get up close and walk around the game units “life size” in the Quarpedia. Learn about their historical uses, stats and in-game abilities
  • Listen to and read the letters of a Quar soldier on the front lines to his young cousin back home
  • A living, breathing upgradeable base fully populated with Quar troops going about their business! Upgrade your mechanic’s bay for better tractors. Upgrade the mess hall (and it’s chow!) for better morale and get that hanger built so you can call in air-strikes!
  • Interact with your units from a god’s eye view or shrink yourself down to Quar size to see the action first hand! Part of the fun of VR is playing with scale. In Quar: Battle for Gate 18, walk around the entire battlefield with Quar the size of toys or stand beside them in the trenches!


Keep up your troops’ spirit and uphold the honor of your cause as you carry on the Battle for Gate 18!



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