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Beast Quest is a best-selling children fantasy book series written by several authors under one pen name, Adam Blade. It is produced by Working Partners Ltd and published by Orchard Books since 2007. Later on, the hit book series made its way to the iOS and Android phones as a mobile entertainment in the year 2015. And now, boys and girls, your favorite storybooks have now come to life again through the development of the title into the gaming consoles of today’s era.


Beast Quest will come to action on the 27th of March this year. It is an action-adventure RPG developed by an Australian video game developer, Torus Games Pty. Ltd. and tied up with Maximum Games as the publisher. The game is coming out on all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Systems in the US and Europe. Pre-order now!


Beast Quest (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 39.99 pre
Beast Quest (Xbox One™, US)US$ 39.99 pre
Beast Quest (PlayStation 4™, EUR)US$ 39.99 pre
Beast Quest (Xbox One™, EUR)US$ 39.99 pre



The game takes place in the magnificent Kingdom of Avantia. One day, the majestic land was placed under a threat of an evil wizard known as Malvel. Malvel cast spells on a variety of protective beasts of the land. Unfortunately, the greatest beast Ferno, the Fire Dragon was included in the wizard’s dark spell. Ferno uses to watch over the Southern Avantia and assures a sufficient water supply for its people. But now that it’s transformed into a horrifying beast, it is different now.


The Kingdom of Avantia is now terrified and desperate for help because of the chaos spreading all over the land. King Hugo and great Wizard Aduro are now trying to find a way out of this catastrophe. But what could be the possible light out of this darkness? Who will be the hero that can free the great beast from the evil curse and reclaim the Kingdom of Avantia?



That is where you as a player comes in. Follow Tom, a young village boy of Avantia. Tom was still young when his mother died and unfortunately, his father left him with his aunt and uncle. Since then, he has never seen nor heard from him. Will Tom be able to find the truth why his father left him? Or will they ever meet again?


Despite the sorrowful events in Tom’s life, he didn’t let his himself asphyxiate in that grief. Tom is an adventurous, brave young lad. Soon as he heard from the villagers that Avantia is in deep trouble, he eagerly wants to help. But even the Knight Caldor the Brave was doomed to release Ferno from the Wizards’ curse. What could Tom, a young boy could possibly do?


Tom was so determined and dedicated to fill in the responsibility to save the Kingdom of Avantia. He went to see King Hugo, who initially declined the young boys’ proposal. But the King suddenly discovered that Tom is the son of the bravest men in the land, Talandon the Swift. Right then and there, the King realizes that Tom is no ordinary boy.


Tom was then tasked by the Kingdom to break the wizard’s curse and slay the monsters. Aduro watches over the young boy in his seemingly insuperable quest of freeing Ferno from his mystic bond. As he sets out on his journey, he meets a young girl named Elenna. The young girl wanted to join Tom in his mission, and together, this powerful duo set out for the mountains.


Get ready to set your hearts out with all dauntlessness as you embark on your epic journey to defend the mythical land of Avantia from a total wreck. Defeat the dark magic that has poisoned the great beasts of the Kingdom.


The game features a variety of coercive challenges and numbers of missions and objectives through the astonishing landscapes of the fantasy world. In addition, you can unlock new skills and have plenty of upgrades in order for you to successfully combat different enemies. You can even equip accessories that could increase your hero’s attributes are featured in this game as well. Moreover, you are entitled to collect provisions and hunt for treasures as you navigate the snowy peaks and spooky forests of the land.


Let’s take a closer look at the Game’s heroines.





  • A Sprawling, Epic Journey – Explore spectacular environments on your quest to release the Beasts that are under the dark magic of the wizard, Malvel
  • Action-Packed Combat – Battle dangerous creatures and take on giant Beasts in boss battles, using swift maneuvers to dodge, block and attack enemies
  • Profound Upgrades – Upgrade health, attack, and defense through your skill tree, and equip accessories to augment your hero’s attributes
  • A Land of Treasure – Explore snowy peaks and spooky forests, seeking out ancient artifacts and lost fortune
  • Hundreds of Challenges – Embark on numerous side missions


Defeat the dangerous creatures, take on gigantic monsters and release the beasts under the dark spell of the wizard. Place your orders now and save the Kingdom of Avantia!




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