Sail the seven seas with Sea of Thieves for Xbox One!

Sea of Thieves

Xbox™One Ι Genre: Pirate life simulation ( Yo Ho, Yo Ho)

Gentlemen anchors aweigh!
In this time pirates dominate the pop-culture from a very high position, thanks to movies, anime, and games the ancient kings of the seas has charmed the contemporary audiences with their stories of epic naval battles, freedom, and curses across the seven seas from the Caribbean to China. Anyway, glamorous characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow or Monkey D. Luffy are quite far from the authentic bloodlust and greed of the real pirates who killed without hesitation, kidnapped innocent people for ransom, and ravaged, bribed, and robbed their way into legend.
Captains like William Kidd, Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, Anne Bonny, and Ching Shih ruled the waters for almost three centuries living dangerous adventurers to get more doubloons possible in their lawless economic enterprises which yielded both wealth and a hangman’s noose!

Are you ready to do your part in the Golden Age of buccaneering? Then it’s time to grab with Sea of Thieves for Xbox One.
In this vivid, always evolving action-adventure game you’ll start as a simple cabin boy and you must climb the ranks to become one of the most respected pirates both on sea and land.
Lead your crew of wild men in epic battles against hundreds of rivals (each one led by REAL players across the world) to pillage all their loads, hunt for precious treasures, and prepare to encounter mythical marine creatures such as the Kraken, the Hafgufa or even the Cirein-cròin.
Forge alliances with the other players or betray them for your own advantage while you sail to conquer your rightful place in history.

Be a fearless explorer, in Sea of Thieves more new territories you’ll discover and more opportunities you’ll unlock! May luck and glory be with you but don’t forget that the road to becoming the global most feared pirate is full of challenges and obstacles.
Explore new mysterious territories inhabited by (still) undiscovered civilizations, raid and plunder merchant ships, shoot at fortified ports and cities, and cross the swords with the most notorious swashbucklers ever to make sure that no foe ever sets foot on land again.

This game can be played both on Xbox One and PC thanks to the great “Xbox Play anywhere” feature, this means that with one single code you can download the PC version for free from the Windows Microsoft Store and vice versa.
In addition, don’t forget that pre-ordering Sea of Thieves between January 24 – 29 you’ll have the key to open a special treasure chest which allows you to play the β version! Arrrghhh!!!!!!!

You know, the history of piracy is rich in action! Lift the Jolly Roger, and see how a determined seaman can acquire an eternal special place in history conquering the whole shared-world of Sea of Thieves!


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