A BIT.TRIP Game Series: Runner3

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A BIT.TRIP Game Series: Runner3

Nintendo™ Switch – US – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Choice Provisions and Nicalis are releasing the upcoming rhythm platformer video game in Nintendo Switch this March 2018. Runner3 is a part of BIT.TRIP series. Prepare your Switch gamers and it’s now available for pre-order.


Runner3 (Nintendo™ Switch, US) US$ 39.99 pre



The players control Commander Video. Commander Video automatically runs while the players are going to control the following actions such as jumping, sliding, kicking to overcomes hardship throughout the game. The addition to the game is that Commander Video can ride vehicles unlike in Runner2. This game has stages with alternate paths. Each level has gold bars and blue gems to collect. The gold bars increases the player’s score, while the blue gems are for to unlock collectibles.


The game has 50 levels, and it’s called the challenges. It also breaks the norms of the previous games. These levels are also divided called Levels. The levels have their own groove and background. This way the players enjoy the game more!


FYI Dear Game geeks here’s some background information about BIT.TRIP


Bit.Trip, stylized BIT.TRIP, is a series of seven video games developed by Choice Provisions (or under their previous name Gaijin Games) and published by Aksys Games for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PS Vita, and PS4. It was published by Arc System Works for WiiWare and Nintendo eShop in Japan, and by Namco Networks America Inc for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Each game revolves around the adventures of a character named “Commander Video”, and features “a crazy mix of 80s aesthetics and modern game design”. – Wikipedia


Join Commander Video to his greatest adventure here on Switch!


Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Steam) 




(Windows™, Region Free)

US$ 2.93 1w



Meanwhile, Runner2 for steam is available on our website. Buy Now!




  • New branching paths that lead to different areas
  • Item shops where you can purchase goodies
  • Vehicles that CommanderVideo can take for a ride
  • New playable characters, new moves, and new gameplay modes
  • An assortment of Hero Quests and Retro Challenges
  • Features the voice acting talents of Charles Martinet, the legendary voice of Mario



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