Gintama Rumble: towards the legend on PS4 and PSVita!

Gintama Rumble

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita Ι Genre: Hyper Samurai Action

Created by Hideaki Sorachi, and appeared on December 8, 2003, on the Japanese magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump, Gintama is still today one of the most popular and most best-selling manga series with more than 50 million copies only in Japan.
The anime instead has been included many times in the top ten ranking chart of the most beloved series of all times. Due its huge popularity, it has extended its reach beyond the borders of the manga industry to include various medias like novels, live action movies, music, and obviously games.

Set in a fictional Edo-style world where everything clashes, swords, ideals and crude jokes which bring chaos wrapped in colourful fabric, Gintama follows the story of Sakata Gintoki, a silver-haired rebel samurai which drops his silly face to show everyone that he has not forsaken the path of the sword thanks to his great ability with katana he has fought in the Joui War becoming known as the Shiroyasha (“White Demon”) due to his powerful technique and demonic white appearance.

Gintama Rumble for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is the new gaming transposition of this worldwide beloved series. Featuring all the well known main characters such as Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, Kotaro, Shinsuke and many others, you’ll fight your way against hordes of enemies across the exciting battlefields of the series, performing cool & deadly combos and over-the-top unique hits to set free the world from the invasion of the Amanto aliens. To put an end to this madness you must be prepared to perfect your fighting skills at the highest level acquiring even new abilities, weapons, and special techniques along the extensive story mode that covers all the narrative arcs from Harusame to Silver Soul one making playable the main events appeared in the 71 tankōbons.

The attention to detail with the setting and stages seem to be meticulously created to represent the scenes in which the epic battles from the various story arcs take place, and being able to see more of the 3D action really fleshes out the move sets of each character.
In Gintama Rumble, the intensity is so real that the exciting one-on-one boss battles will nearly knock you off your feet!

Part drama, part sci-fi, and 100% rumble action! This game combines in a brand new way both elements of space monsters stories + historical samurai and ninjas to offer you an EXPLOSIVE mix that you let burn your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems!
Enjoy the new anime-style ultra fast-paced rumble action cocktail both digitally and physically!


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