Gundam Versus Upcoming DLC – G Gundam

Yeee-Haaaa! Finally, G Gundam will join Gundam Versus as the playable mobile suite. Two main mobile suite, God Gundam, and Master Gundam will be on PS store separately with 602 yen each.  If you still looking for the game, don’t waste time and get yours in Play-Asia.  Let’s get things started! Gundam Tropes all set! Ready, GO!!! 

Gundam VersusJapan PSN Cards

God Gundam

God Gundam package will include the BGM ‘Flying in the sky‘ and ‘Mind is Clear and Serene

Master Gundam

Master Gundam package will include the BGM ‘Trust You Forever‘ and ‘Overcoming a Burning Hatred

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

 (機動武闘伝Gガンダム Kidō Butōden Ji Gandamu) It is a 1994 anime television series created by Sunrise under the direction of Yasuhiro Imagawa.  It was the first series in the Gundam franchise not set in the Universal Century timeline, being set in the Future Century timeline instead.

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