Night in the Woods: Turn on your Switch, there’s something dark outside…

Night in the Woods

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Adventure Game

Hi, my name’s Mae Borowski I have returned to my hometown of Possum Springs after a long absence.
So many things have changed around here, when I left it, there was a small forest on the right as you left town, this wonderful place was my secret refuge during the past happy days of my youth. Recently many shops have opened, and even a large shopping mall and a new post office have also been built just across from my old school.
But, the biggest changes have taken place in the people minds, the once cheerful former friends have been completely changed, now they’re cold with me, and I feel a stranger in my house…rumors saying the strange events started to happen, and that there’s something hidden in the woods…
I’ll go in there tonight!

It’s time to grab the Joy-con firmly to pass a Night in the Woods of the twisted small town of Possum Springs living a creepy story inspired by the delicious dark tales of Edward Gorey and Roald Dahl.
In this new Nindie game for Switch, you’ll control the feline young girl Mae during her everyday’s life during her path toward the adulthood, along the way, you’ll learn more about yourself, about the meaning of friendship, and about the need to stand up for what is right.

Populated by dozens of different people to meet, Night in the Woods for Nintendo Switch it’s a very original game which includes a brilliant story that will make you laugh, cry, rejoice and fear. It’ll let you look back on your youthful when you dreamt to change the world with your friends.
Enjoy a deep heartwarming journey that you’ll remember with a smile even after you’ll finish it, a journey that gave you a very great time.

It’s time to turn on your Switch and download it!
Night in the Woods is more complex than an average game in which “do this to win” or “do that to lose”, it’s a very poignant interactive story platformer about life, and relationships with many situations to fix and a great mystery hidden in the forest just outside the town!

See how one single event can unexpectedly change the lives of an entire community, there is so much more to this game than just the superficial plot, things about growing process, responsibilities, but also about the talented people who developed it all.

Night In The Woods will be available only through the Nintendo eShop from February 1st.
Get your instant digital cards, and add it to your Switch games’ library to enjoy a very unique adventurous experience!


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