Rocket League Cross-Platform Party Confirmed

Cross-Platform Party

Great Monday again!  We have good news from Rocket League official twitter. The cross-platform party will launch in 2018, implying that 40-million or more players able to challenge their buddies with a different platform.

However, not much info reveal from the tweet, surely we have to wait for the official announcement.  We hope players different platform can party up, trade, or even platoon in the same team.

Switch Ver. Available Now 

In Rocket League, you will take control of a small vehicle, just like a remote-controlled car.  The twist of the game is that it is not your typical soccer game.  Here in Rocket League, you will be tossing and playing with a gigantic ball dropped into the middle of the arena.  The challenge is, you have to drive in your car frequently in order to fly it all over into your opponent’s team goal.  What’s the catch? This is where Rockets came in. Your car possesses a limited boost function, that not only drives you forward.  But once it gets connected to your jump technique, you have the opportunity to move upwards, soaring or hit a mid-air ball to unsettle your rival.

Rocket League is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.  All available in Play-Asia.

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